Help (Location Tags)

Tags are used to add built-in features to a location, for example, making the location appear as a river or giving it the qualities of a shop. The tags will also affect how the location appears on the MAP. Please reference the key below for a possible list of tags to add to room locations and how they will appear on the map.<br /><br />|g[#]|w - Forest|/<br />|R[m]|w - Mountain|/<br />|c[~]|w - River, Freshwater|/<br />|c[|ws|c]|w - Snow|/<br />|b[s]|w - Sea, Ocean, Saltwater|/<br />|x[u]|w - Underground, Cave|/<br />|C[s]|w - Swamp|/<br />|G[o]|w - Valley, Gardens, Tropical|/<br />|Y[p]|w - Plains|/<br />|y[b]|w - Beach|/<br />|w[i], |g[|wi|g]|w, |x[|wi|x]|w, |R[|wi|R]|w - Indoors + terrain v3.|/<br />|r[$]|w, |r[|wv|r]|w - Shop