Help (Formatting)

For |ccoloring text|n, refer to the Evennia online manual for a full list. In general you use the | character in conjunction with an alphabetic character for basic syntax colors and highlight. Note: be sure to omit the spaces from our examples below in your own descriptions.<br /><br />| followed by c = |ccyan text|n.<br />| followed by r = |rred text|n.<br />| followed by G = |Ggreen text|n.<br />| followed by =z | [b = |=z|[bwhite text with blue highlight|n.<br />| followed by =z | [r = |=z|[rwhite text with red highlight|n.<br />| followed by =z | [G = |=z|[Gwhite text with green highlight|n.<br />| followed by n = resets text formatting to normal.<br /><br />| followed by lc creates an interactable word that can be clicked to perform a command, like: |c|lcsay hi|ltsay hi|le|n.<br />The full syntax string looks like: | lc say hi | lt say hi | le, minus the spaces (this formatting tends to look messy when writing, that is normal, dont worry!). Be sure to read the Evennia manual and test this one out on your own.