Help (Create Animal)

Animals are a more complex object, but still considered an object. Animals age and can have many life stages from being in the womb to adult/elder. You should carefully research and plan out the unique life stages prior to setting up your new creature.<br /><br />Animal Name<br />This is a brief name for the animal. This is how the object will appear in a room location or under INFO INV or INFO HERE. The name can be changed to better fit each aging stage for the creature. (Ex. “an adorable chick” vs. “an annoying rooster”). Additionally, animal names can change based on the gender of the animal. (Ex. “a beautiful mare” (adult female horse) vs. “a striking stallion” (adult male horse) ).<br /><br />Animal Description<br />This is what players will see when they LOOK at the animal. Descriptions can be as brief or verbose as you desire, as long as it makes sense in context of the animal. Like animal names, descriptions can be modified for every stage of the animal’s life and based on gender of the animal (ex. Male birds tend to have more vibrant plumage than female avians.).<br /><br />Animals have a unique list of attributes, currently documented under HELP ANIMAL ATTRIBUTES, however we will make an attempt to improve legibility and cohesion of the file and syntaxes later on.