Help (Builders)

For those of you contributing new additions to the realm, first of all, we want to say thank you for your time and dedication in helping our world grow!<br /><br />Secondly, we have compiled a list of documents to aid you in how to add your new locations or objects to the world.<br /><br />|cHELP CREATE LOCATION|n - Guidelines and syntaxes for creating new rooms.<br />|cHELP CREATE OBJECT|n - Guidelines and syntaxes for creating new objects.<br />|cHELP PROTOTYPES|n - A guide to the Prototype Wizard and how to create spawnable objects.<br />|cHELP CREATE CLOTHING|n - Guidelines and syntaxes for how to create wearable objects.<br />|cHELP CREATE NPC|n - Guidelines and syntaxes for creating new NPCs and CCCs.<br />|cHELP CREATE ANIMAL|n - Guidelines and syntaxes for populating the world with new animals.<br />|cHELP FORMATTING|n - A guide for adding colour and clickable words to your creations.<br /><br />If you do not have builder privileges but still have ideas or creations you would like to see manifested in the world, you can still send us your contributions! Please email them to [].<br /><br />|*Please Remember|n<br />- Use British English rather than American English spellings. Centre not center, favourite not favorite!<br />- It's is short for it is. Its means belonging to it. <br />- Avoid contractions whenever possible (e.g. do not is good, don't is bad).<br />- Look around for examples you can use as a basis for your own work before starting. This will help your new additions keep a similar tone and atmosphere as those that already exist in the realm.<br />- Ensure you use the ' not the ` for apostrophes.<br />- Grammar matters. Please make proper use of commas, semi-colons, full stop/periods and other punctuation. Submissions must pass a number of critical eyes before inclusion in the land.