Help (Updates)

|u|c31-7-2020|W|n<br /><br />$wrap('''New help section for WORLD CREATION created and populated.''',80,3)<br /><br />|u|c14-4-2020|W|n<br /><br />$wrap('''WIELD command now checks to make sure the object being wielded is an object rather than a room, exit or character.''',80,3)<br /><br />$wrap('''Addition of WIELDING command.''',80,3)<br /><br />|u|c6-4-2020|W|n<br /><br />$wrap('''Addition of WIELD and UNWIELD commands.''',80,3)<br /><br />|u|c3-4-2020|W|n<br /><br />$wrap('''SWIM now works properly with sea locations.''',80,3)<br /><br />$wrap('''An empty quest script or array with no entries no longer causes an error.''',80,3)<br /><br />|u|c31-3-2020|W|n<br /><br />$wrap('''Emotes now have their own balance.''',80,3)<br /><br />$wrap('''Refinements to the complex quest system.''',80,3)<br /><br />$wrap('''More complex item descriptions are now possible.''',80,3)<br /><br />$wrap('''The map is now far more informative. HELP MAP KEY will teach you to decipher its wisdom.''',80,3)<br /><br />|u|c30-3-2020|W|n<br /><br />$wrap('''Added capabilities for more complex quests.''',80,3)<br /><br />$wrap('''REPLY added as a way to respond to the last TELL you've received.''',80,3)<br /><br />|u|c22-3-2020|W|n<br /><br />$wrap('''Containers display_name and numbered name corrected e.g. filled containers won't show up as "two a vial filleds with blue potion" but rather "two vials filled with blue potion."''',80,3)<br /><br />$wrap('''Initial stuff with making trees stack fruit correctly.''',80,3)<br /><br />|u|c21-3-2020|W|n<br /><br />$wrap('''Some changes around room contents and how items show. Multiple Objects with identical names will appear as two majestic deer', as they should.''',80,3)<br /><br />$wrap('''Fruit is now a stackable item. There will be issues around how trees work with them. This is to help prevent having locations with hundreds of items, which causes some slowness.''',80,3)