Help (Map Key)

Rooms on the map are displayed through two primary lenses: color and room shape. Colors correspond to terrain while room shapes confer additional information about the location, such as indoor or holy status.<br /><br />|R[o]|W - Mountain<br />|Y[o]|W - Plains<br />|y[o]|W - Beach<br />|g[|ro|g]|W - Tropical<br />|g[o]|W - Forest<br />|G[o]|W - Valley, Gardens, General Woodlands<br />|c[|wo|c]|W - Snow<br />|c[o]|W - Freshwater<br />|b[o]|W - Saltwater<br />|C[o]|W - Swamp<br />|x[o]|W - Underground<br /><br />[#] - Great Woodland<br />[i] - Indoors<br />[~] - River, Sea<br />[$] - Shop<br />{o} - Holy<br />{T} - Temple<br /><br />Indoor rooms will display as |M[i]|W to better distinguish themselves from the outside if they do not have a terrain type that changes the default room color.