Help (Calendar)

A day in Aman is divided into six distinct time periods: Morning, Mid-day, Afternoon, Evening, Early Night and Late Night. A day lasts for approximately one hour. All months of Aman, excepting Agamnion, are 30 days long and last for around 30 hours. Agamnion, the last month of the year, has 31 days. An Aman year consists of twelve months, and therefore lasts around two weeks.<br /><br />Ploughing may only occur in the Spring and fields thaw in early Cloudburst.<br /><br />Harvest begins in early Hindyear though one or two crops are harvested in Leaflost. Fields freeze over the winter starting in Agamnion.<br /><br />1st Midwinter Season: Winter<br />2nd Eleuthral Season: Winter<br />3rd Mournsend Season: Winter to Spring<br />4th Cloudburst Season: Spring<br />5th Springflower Season: Spring<br />6th Paglost Season: Spring to Summer<br />7th Skyelong Season: Summer<br />8th Midsummer Season: Summer<br />9th Ilmarael Season: Summer to Autumn<br />10th Hindyear Season: Autumn<br />11th Leaflost Season: Autumn to Winter<br />12th Agamnion Season: Winter<br /><br /><The months of Eleuthral, Springflower, Midsummer and Leaflost are the focus months for "Sphere of Influence" tax collection: the first four days of each month see a flow of gold and commodities to the cities through merchants, collectors and legions on the ground.<br /><br />Cloudburst thru Ilmarael are the battle campaign months where legions can move over long distances around the land. Autumn and winter months legions must be home or holed up in a town or village. Attrition for moving homeward during autumn and winter can cause suffering and fatalities to legions caught out in the wilds; and indeed they will only be able to move back towards homesoil from Hindyear thru Mournsend the following Avalon year.<br /><br />The first days of Eleuthral, Springflower, Midsummer and Leaflost also see the graduation and emigration of large numbers of rural young adults to seek fame and fortune in cities and guilds: the so-called enlistables. Guiding these impressionable youngsters is - to put it mildly - a traditional competition between the great city states to win 'hearts and minds' by enlisting these impressionable young men for swift military education.><br /><br />You can type DATE at any time to be informed of the precise Aman date, and TIME likewise to gain an inkling of the time-of-day in Aman. This can be important for various specialist skills and events occur at certain periods in the day.