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19-07-30 16:14:52: [Public] Sylene: hi
19-07-30 16:15:30: [Public] Chaos: ello!
19-08-08 12:53:54: [Public] Chaos: test
19-08-25 10:15:40: [Public] Aurai: Cottage has 13 alone. Actually I think I missed one. Fuck
19-08-25 10:16:09: [Public] Aurai: Do tells not exist yet?
19-08-25 10:16:28: [Public] Chaos: they're whispers at the moment... and the syntax is rubbish
19-08-25 10:17:05: [Public] Aurai: Um. So I see.
19-08-27 18:23:48: [Public] Aurai: Hi!
19-08-28 08:45:57: [Public] Chaos: this was the end of the path when I logged out!
19-08-28 08:46:00: [Public] Chaos: haha
19-08-28 08:46:31: [Public] Aurai: I slaved all night digging tunnels
19-08-28 08:46:39: [Public] Chaos: I see!
19-08-28 08:49:46: [Public] Chaos: really shows up how my map works
19-08-28 08:50:09: [Public] Aurai: my zmud font choice does not cooperate with it at all, ha
19-08-28 08:50:13: [Public] Chaos: though actually I quite like it
19-08-28 08:50:17: [Public] Chaos: what do you use?
19-08-28 08:50:23: [Public] Aurai: arial
19-08-28 08:50:38: [Public] Chaos: not fixed width? :O
19-08-28 08:51:07: [Public] Aurai: No, I hate them. Designer, remember?
19-08-28 08:51:14: [Public] Chaos: buuuuuut
19-08-28 08:51:24: [Public] Chaos: tables wont work or anythiiing *whine*
19-08-28 08:51:38: [Public] Aurai: I don't need a map around a world I'm creating...
19-08-28 08:51:48: [Public] Chaos: fair point
19-08-28 08:51:52: [Public] Aurai: hehe
19-09-06 17:48:15: [Public] Chaos: like this room... is pretty damn dark. though it's the void, so...
19-09-06 17:48:35: [Public] Chaos: ohhh yeh I need to fix the prompt after these channel chats...
19-09-06 18:43:21: [Public] Aurai: So if I tag a location with indoors, will it change on the map?
19-09-06 18:44:01: [Public] Aurai: *answers own question and sees it is a yes*
19-09-10 09:39:16: [Public] Chaos: Astraea(#88), goddess of the stars [At: pile of wood]
19-09-10 09:39:20: [Public] Chaos: haha
19-09-10 09:39:30: [Public] Astraea: Yeah...
19-09-10 09:39:41: [Public] Astraea: I need an OUT command
19-09-10 09:39:54: [Public] Astraea: I just keep teleporting to objects and forgetting that I can't out
19-09-10 09:40:06: [Public] Chaos: hehe - tel/loc
19-09-10 09:40:27: [Public] Astraea: now I'm in you
19-09-10 09:40:29: [Public] Chaos: I could change it so it defaults to the location of an object if the target is not a room.
19-09-10 09:40:35: [Public] Chaos: so you are.
19-09-11 08:56:43: [Public] Chaos: this is my favourite.
19-09-11 09:22:50: [Public] Astraea: logging out in MY den though
19-09-11 09:23:00: [Public] Chaos: gaga
19-09-11 09:23:03: [Public] Chaos: er, haha
19-09-11 09:23:09: [Public] Astraea: hehe. Night
19-09-11 14:24:56: [Public] Chaos: hello
19-09-11 20:53:31: [Public] Chaos: test
19-09-11 23:14:27: [Public] Chaos: They'll just point me at that contrib
19-09-11 23:14:39: [Public] Astraea: Boo
19-09-12 07:06:23: [Public] chaos: huh
19-09-12 07:06:31: [Public] chaos: can you see this?
19-09-12 07:06:36: [Public] Astraea: yeah
19-09-12 07:06:44: [Public] chaos: hah
19-09-12 07:06:58: [Public] chaos: weird feature
19-09-12 07:07:08: [Public] Astraea: You're invisible?
19-09-12 07:07:33: [Public] chaos: out of character
19-09-12 07:07:57: [Public] chaos: this is the bit after you log in but before you ic character
19-09-12 07:08:04: [Public] Astraea: Ahhh
19-09-12 07:08:10: [Public] chaos: can ooc blah blah
19-09-12 07:08:37: [Public] Chaos: and now i am Chaos. :D
19-09-12 07:09:53: [Public] Astraea: so you are
19-09-12 07:10:01: [Public] Chaos: back when I get to my laptop!
19-09-12 07:10:07: [Public] Astraea: Okies
19-09-12 15:20:43: [Public] Astraea: Definitely just tried to login as Mysterin. It didn't work out for me.
19-09-12 15:44:36: [Public] Chaos: haha no... I suppose it wouldn't...
19-09-13 07:14:57: [Public] Chaos: hm! links dont work in mudrammer (phone client). thats annoying. a phone client that works well woild probably be a good thing... one for another day.
19-09-13 07:15:57: [Public] Chaos: ah... and. in out exits on the map :)
19-09-13 07:16:48: [Public] Astraea: Yeah, I noticed that but wasn't sure how you wanted to handle it since it makes building interiors separate from the main map
19-09-13 07:16:59: [Public] Astraea: Which is nice
19-09-13 07:17:59: [Public] Chaos: yeah it is. i'll keep that - just need to show there's an in / out exit.
19-09-13 07:18:38: [Public] Astraea: nod
19-09-13 07:18:50: [Public] Chaos: just noticed you can follow yourself too... and I think it causes a recursion bug. hah.
19-09-13 07:18:59: [Public] Chaos: dohhhh
19-09-13 07:19:04: [Public] Astraea: hahah. Good thing to test
19-09-18 08:22:08: [Public] Astraea: That's not really going to be much of a location. Just needed it as placeholder for where a block would be
19-09-18 08:22:23: [Public] Chaos: it's like getting out of azrili... hah
19-09-19 08:33:33: [Public] Chaos: can I disconnect north from here?
19-09-20 09:04:09: [Public] Astraea: don't get lost
19-09-20 09:04:15: [Public] Chaos: I always do
19-09-20 09:04:17: [Public] Astraea: grin
19-09-20 09:04:35: [Public] Chaos: looks perfect
19-09-20 09:04:42: [Public] Astraea: Yay
19-09-26 17:47:23: [Public] Mnemugg: Oh, the map.
19-09-26 17:47:27: [Public] Mnemugg: The map is gorgeous.
19-09-26 18:06:00: [Public] Astraea: Oops. Paying attention now
19-09-26 18:06:28: [Public] Mnemugg: Boodly boo.
19-09-26 18:07:24: [Public] Astraea: It's a bit smaller than what all is going on over in CM
19-09-26 18:07:41: [Public] Mnemugg: It looks like 100% times better though.
19-09-26 18:08:22: [Public] Mnemugg: This really appeals to the eye of an ex-Avalon player. Very homey.
19-09-26 18:08:50: [Public] Astraea: Thanks - that was what we were really trying to nail. Something that looks and acts totally familiar
19-09-26 18:09:11: [Public] Mnemugg: So far so good. I'm smitten. I love the map.
19-09-26 18:10:20: [Public] Mnemugg: I feel like I'm in some Mercinaen back alley.
19-09-26 18:10:51: [Public] Astraea: Cheers! Lys will be glad to hear that. He just got pathing working this week too, though we haven't set up many markers yet. You'll be able to path to different areas and NPCs and such.
19-09-26 18:14:36: [Public] Mnemugg: If you wanted to make the forest room as specific as the others in the museum, it could be a fountain of Fiorella or of... what was her name... Sharra? I believe Sharra founded the guild.
19-09-26 18:15:10: [Public] Mnemugg: Sharra is quite obscure though.
19-09-26 18:15:33: [Public] Mnemugg: Aloides maybe even, as the public guild tutor always in the grove.
19-09-26 18:15:44: [Public] Astraea: Ahh, that's a good idea. I wrote the fountain itself based on Maud's description, but Fiorella might more generically make sense
19-09-26 18:15:54: [Public] Mnemugg: I figured it was meant to be Maud.
19-09-26 18:17:17: [Public] Astraea: You thinking change the room name or the fountain specifically?
19-09-26 22:06:05: [Public] Mnemugg: I was here
19-09-26 22:15:41: [Public] Chaos: river works. can be a subset of freshwater.
19-09-26 22:16:32: [Public] Chaos: hah it all turned green
19-09-26 22:22:26: [Public] Chaos: yell on discord if you need anything.
19-09-26 22:22:33: [Public] Mnemugg: Will do
19-09-26 23:12:38: [Public] Mnemugg: This place is cursed.
19-09-26 23:13:14: [Public] Chaos: haha why? what have you done noe?
19-09-26 23:13:27: [Public] Mnemugg: This area spews errors whenever I try to go north
19-09-26 23:13:48: [Public] Mnemugg: Come south
19-09-26 23:13:52: [Public] Mnemugg: And try to look
19-09-26 23:15:10: [Public] Mnemugg: It should be the south exit east of there
19-09-26 23:16:57: [Public] Chaos: ahhh is the map code trying to draw a pic of fenrirs insides
19-09-26 23:17:05: [Public] Mnemugg: ... Lol.
19-09-26 23:18:15: [Public] Chaos: ah found it?
19-09-26 23:18:44: [Public] Astraea: I changed destination on something
19-09-26 23:24:27: [Public] Chaos: I'll get the map code to check the exit leads to a room. I assumed too much. hah.
19-09-26 23:24:42: [Public] Mnemugg: Sorry!
19-09-26 23:25:07: [Public] Astraea: fixed it
19-09-26 23:25:56: [Public] Astraea: There was an exit that was registering as an object in the room rather than as an exit object
19-09-26 23:31:59: [Public] Mnemugg: How do I add a zone again/
19-09-26 23:36:01: [Public] Mnemugg: How do I change a room name?
19-09-26 23:36:14: [Public] Chaos: name here = blah
19-09-26 23:36:37: [Public] Mnemugg: Well that was easier than expected
19-09-26 23:37:13: [Public] Mnemugg: ... This room may have some random nonsensical attributes.
19-09-26 23:37:34: [Public] Chaos: back after sleep
19-09-26 23:37:40: [Public] Chaos: laters
19-09-26 23:37:45: [Public] Astraea: Sleep tight
19-09-26 23:37:49: [Public] Mnemugg: See ya. I'll try not to break anything.
19-09-26 23:38:05: [Public] Mnemugg: This one
19-09-26 23:43:29: [Public] Mnemugg: Nothing. Come back and do one?
19-09-26 23:51:32: [Public] Astraea: Sorry. went afk a second
19-09-27 00:11:28: [Public] Astraea: Me too... except real life work. I'll be back in 4ish hours if you're still around
19-09-27 00:11:55: [Public] Mnemugg: I will be
19-09-27 00:12:07: [Public] Mnemugg: Oh, what the heck.
19-09-27 00:12:33: [Public] Astraea: Okie doke. Catch ya then. I check Discord semi-frequently if something bugs out again. Although I am not as good of tech support as Lys is.
19-09-27 00:13:04: [Public] Mnemugg: I do have a misplaced exit in #1030 when you get a moment. The southwest one. Can't delete it myself for some reason.
19-09-27 05:27:07: [Public] Astraea: squeeze through crack exit is hidden now
19-09-27 05:27:17: [Public] Mnemugg: Thanks!
19-09-27 05:27:43: [Public] Astraea: Sure thing! Are there any other secret ones that need the lock added?
19-09-27 05:28:10: [Public] Mnemugg: #1418, lift curtain, needs to be hidden
19-09-27 05:28:54: [Public] Mnemugg: There's another later but I haven't got it built yet.
19-09-27 05:53:16: [Public] Astraea: New emotes in
19-09-27 06:27:16: [Public] Astraea: nowww what are you doing?
19-09-27 06:27:26: [Public] Mnemugg: ... Nooothing.
19-09-27 07:56:16: [Public] Chaos: ok work should only work on doors now.
19-09-27 08:27:35: [Public] Mnemugg: Well.
19-09-27 08:29:31: [Public] Mnemugg: Area's all in. Think it came out better than the first time.
19-09-27 08:31:42: [Public] Chaos: awesome - i'll come look in a min!
19-09-27 08:44:00: [Public] Astraea: This forest is great.
19-09-27 08:44:04: [Public] Chaos: it is!
19-09-27 08:44:21: [Public] Mnemugg: Aw, thanks.
19-09-27 08:45:01: [Public] Mnemugg: I made a separate zone for the water areas.
19-09-27 08:45:38: [Public] Chaos: I planted an apple tree.
19-09-27 09:07:00: [Public] Astraea: Traverse?
19-09-27 09:36:06: [Public] Chaos: give #123 to target will work after next update too...
19-09-27 09:36:17: [Public] Chaos: hadn't noticed that was broken
19-09-27 15:57:55: [Public] Astraea: Man, our who list is already as big as Av's
19-09-27 15:58:02: [Public] Achlys: haha
19-09-27 15:58:10: [Public] Achlys: actually, it is.,..
19-09-27 16:00:15: [Public] Chaos: come here?
19-09-27 20:07:55: [Public] Mnemugg: Aha.
19-09-27 20:08:01: [Public] Astraea: hey you
19-09-27 20:08:07: [Public] Mnemugg: Hi. I did a thing.
19-09-27 20:08:14: [Public] Astraea: What kinda thing?
19-09-27 20:08:26: [Public] Mnemugg: Made this exit hidden but you can still get to it using a normal exit command.
19-09-27 20:08:35: [Public] Astraea: Nice
19-09-27 20:08:37: [Public] Mnemugg: Doesn't show on the map either.
19-09-27 20:09:13: [Public] Mnemugg: My eyes are burning like mad. Stayed up too late.
19-09-27 20:09:29: [Public] Astraea: haha. I only slept for like 5 hours. Kept getting texts from work this morning
19-09-27 20:09:56: [Public] Mnemugg: Bleh.
19-09-27 20:10:12: [Public] Mnemugg: How would I make a fetch quest?
19-09-27 20:10:22: [Public] Mnemugg: Or is that beyond me
19-09-27 20:11:03: [Public] Astraea: I think you could, but you'd have to ask Lys how. He explained it to me about a week ago but I haven't had a chance to test it yet
19-09-27 20:46:18: [Public] Astraea: So I think quests might be done through the web interface. I'm looking at it now trying to make sense.
19-09-27 21:01:24: [Public] Mnemugg: Okay
19-09-27 21:01:37: [Public] Mnemugg: Enough bug hunting. I've hurt Lysaer enough.
19-09-27 21:01:53: [Public] Astraea: haha. It's alright. It's stuff that needs to be fixed.
19-09-27 21:02:15: [Public] Mnemugg: I'm going to be his least favorite person at this rate.
19-09-27 21:02:35: [Public] Astraea: I sorta figured out quests, although it seems to duplicate success messages... asking Lys what I've done wrong
19-09-27 21:03:56: [Public] Mnemugg: Hmm.
19-09-27 21:04:05: [Public] Mnemugg: You can't use the day/night tags in room titles. Drat.
19-09-27 21:05:35: [Public] Astraea: Tell Lys to make it possible. You can use them in items and he said it's portable code so it should be easy
19-09-27 21:06:17: [Public] Mnemugg: Perhaps a requests channel in the discord?
19-09-27 21:08:04: [Public] Astraea: good idea
19-09-27 21:08:10: [Public] Mnemugg: I need to color trigger this channel. It's very missable when you're walking around, heheh.
19-09-27 21:08:55: [Public] Astraea: wonder if there's a way to change that for everyone
19-09-27 21:09:21: [Public] Mnemugg: Test test
19-09-27 21:09:24: [Public] Mnemugg: Hmm.
19-09-27 21:09:30: [Public] Astraea: |ctest
19-09-27 21:09:45: [Public] Mnemugg: Test
19-09-27 21:09:56: [Public] Mnemugg: That made your text cyan. I assume you used a color code?
19-09-27 21:09:59: [Public] Astraea: |cProb another thing for the requests channel.
19-09-27 21:10:04: [Public] Astraea: |cyep
19-09-27 21:10:16: [Public] Mnemugg: Test
19-09-27 21:10:26: [Public] Mnemugg: I've got it showing up a nice teal-y color now.
19-09-27 21:23:08: [Public] Mnemugg: How would we create and assign a script?
19-09-27 21:23:35: [Public] Astraea: Need access to code, you'd have to talk to Lys about that one. I was reading up on it earlier but scripts are not my cup of tea
19-09-27 21:23:52: [Public] Mnemugg: I'm looking at the red button example object. It emits emotes like some of the stuff in the area in CM does. Probably can use it for that.
19-09-27 21:27:46: [Public] Mnemugg: Buh. It looks kind of hard.
19-09-27 21:27:54: [Public] Astraea: Yeahhh, exactly
19-09-27 21:28:38: [Public] Mnemugg: I could probably do basic stuff but... one of their examples is an entire freaking turn based combay system.
19-09-27 21:30:09: [Public] Astraea: I didn't get that far, I just looked at the bodily functions script earlier. I get the general idea but I don't know enough coding functions to really come up with stuff from scratch. I'd just be able to mod what exists
19-09-27 21:30:46: [Public] Mnemugg: Meh. It's incremental. You look at stuff, see what it does, reuse it, twist it slightly. Look at more stuff, see something new, incorporate it into what you already know.
19-09-27 21:30:57: [Public] Mnemugg: But there's so much stuff that it's overwhelming.
19-09-27 21:33:26: [Public] Astraea: Bah, gotta run for a while. Back during vampire hours.
19-09-27 21:33:37: [Public] Mnemugg: see ya.
19-09-27 23:49:20: [Public] Mnemugg: Ah. It must be case specific?
19-09-27 23:55:00: [Public] Chaos: oh god... you're going to die.
19-09-27 23:55:10: [Public] Mnemugg: Eh?
19-09-27 23:55:22: [Public] Chaos: not you.
19-09-27 23:55:27: [Public] Mnemugg: Waaaah...
19-09-27 23:55:35: [Public] Eva: meeeee
19-09-28 00:26:18: [Public] Mnemugg: If you want to wander around this gigantic forest area I made in a bit, let me know.
19-09-28 00:50:23: [Public] Chaos: heh.
19-09-28 00:50:45: [Public] Chaos: Can you hear it?
19-09-28 00:51:22: [Public] Mnemugg: Hmm.
19-09-28 00:51:41: [Public] Mnemugg: Don't hear a thing.
19-09-28 00:51:53: [Public] Chaos: ahem
19-09-28 00:54:10: [Public] Chaos: It's a grue!
19-09-28 01:13:58: [Public] Chaos: she's quite into birds.
19-09-28 01:18:39: [Public] Mnemugg: How do I set an object's home?
19-09-28 04:45:47: [Public] Mnemugg: He said you have to do that for the other randoms
19-09-28 04:45:54: [Public] Mnemugg: Might make a difference, who knows
19-09-28 17:14:45: [Public] Chaos: ah - container will need a receive: all() lock.
19-09-28 17:16:21: [Public] Mnemugg: Well.
19-09-28 17:16:25: [Public] Mnemugg: I can't setlocks anymore
19-09-28 17:24:32: [Public] Chaos: wanna see something fun?
19-09-28 17:24:52: [Public] Mnemugg: Sure.
19-09-28 17:24:58: [Public] Chaos: ready?
19-09-28 17:25:04: [Public] Mnemugg: Yes.
19-09-28 17:25:27: [Public] Mnemugg: It shows me you dying.
19-09-28 17:57:22: [Public] Chaos: doh. dropped. Having trouble?
19-09-28 17:57:34: [Public] Mnemugg: Bit
19-09-28 17:58:51: [Public] Chaos: your seedpod reset...
19-09-28 18:32:39: [Public] Mnemugg: Where to put the room the seed should be planted in. Hmm.
19-09-28 18:33:07: [Public] Mnemugg: I reshaped the area and I'm thinking of putting a druidic grove or stone circle where it was before.
19-09-28 18:35:07: [Public] Chaos: nice!
19-09-28 18:38:22: [Public] Chaos: see the death message?
19-09-28 18:38:26: [Public] Mnemugg: Yep.
19-09-28 18:38:50: [Public] Chaos: cool. It's a variable on you at the moment (deathsight). Will make that a skill.
19-09-28 18:46:33: [Public] Chaos: ghosty.
19-09-28 18:47:42: [Public] Chaos: this is fun.
19-09-28 18:47:59: [Public] Mnemugg: Absolute power.
19-09-28 18:48:33: [Public] Mnemugg: Zap an exit.
19-09-28 18:49:11: [Public] Chaos: You just get lightning
19-09-28 18:50:06: [Public] Chaos: pew pew
19-09-28 20:44:53: [Public] Chaos: ooer, that was cool.
19-09-28 20:45:08: [Public] Mnemugg: Hmm?
19-09-28 21:00:59: [Public] Chaos: I'll restrict write at some point.
19-09-28 21:01:39: [Public] Mnemugg: Yeah. All these rooms I created are writable. Meh.
19-09-28 21:01:55: [Public] Mnemugg: Seems like that should be off by default
19-09-28 21:02:15: [Public] Chaos: It checks if you on the object
19-09-28 21:02:23: [Public] Chaos: control permission
19-09-28 21:02:27: [Public] Mnemugg: Ahhh, I see.
19-09-29 07:45:22: [Public] Astraea: Hiii
19-09-29 07:45:50: [Public] Chaos: hihihi
19-09-29 07:46:12: [Public] Chaos: teeeeheeee
19-09-29 07:46:14: [Public] Astraea: Ow
19-09-29 07:46:40: [Public] Astraea: Teach me your ways
19-09-29 08:42:51: [Public] Mnemugg: You've left your balrog in my grotto.
19-09-29 08:43:04: [Public] Astraea: Morning. Evening?
19-09-29 08:43:22: [Public] Mnemugg: Morning, I guess.
19-09-29 08:43:43: [Public] Chaos: morning!
19-09-29 09:05:31: [Public] Mnemugg: Hmm.
19-09-29 09:05:36: [Public] Chaos: oh god.
19-09-29 09:23:49: [Public] Astraea: Damnit! Not while I'm in the middle of olc!
19-09-29 09:24:02: [Public] Chaos: oops. sorry.
19-09-29 09:34:23: [Public] Mnemugg: You sure do.
19-09-29 09:41:40: [Public] Chaos: if you need an apostrophe, prefix with \ should work.
19-09-29 09:49:21: [Public] Chaos: made a builder channel. addcom builder to join it. Don't think I can add you.
19-09-29 10:34:09: [Public] Mnemugg: Try to get some rest!
19-09-29 11:01:05: [Public] Chaos: fire away - though probably better to do in trello
19-09-29 11:01:14: [Public] Chaos: less chance I'll forget...
19-09-29 11:02:43: [Public] Chaos: that took a while.
19-09-29 11:02:59: [Public] Chaos: anyway - look locks now available.
19-09-29 11:04:59: [Public] Mnemugg: Hmm.
19-09-29 11:05:28: [Public] Mnemugg: I've modified some rooms to have a base brightness of -400 but they're not dark. Why is that?
19-09-29 20:05:21: [Public] Mnemugg: What an ominous who.
19-09-29 20:06:29: [Public] Chaos: hehe all me
19-09-29 20:06:55: [Public] Chaos: all different clients... cmud, zmud, tintin.
19-09-29 20:08:22: [Public] Mnemugg: why so many?
19-09-29 21:36:39: [Public] Mnemugg: What was the look lock? look:false()?
19-09-29 21:36:54: [Public] Chaos: yep
19-09-29 21:37:02: [Public] Mnemugg: And that should hide an item?
19-09-29 21:37:08: [Public] Chaos: view:false() should hide
19-09-29 21:37:56: [Public] Chaos: and then look:all() (or look:true()) to allow viewing.
19-09-29 21:38:04: [Public] Chaos: er, looking.
19-09-29 21:43:38: [Public] Lucifer: I need to find how to get MCP working in tintin. It's so much nicer than silly mudlet.
19-09-29 21:44:25: [Public] Mnemugg: Mudlet hater.
19-09-29 21:45:23: [Public] Mnemugg: Nice, works. I can add some hidden items that give clues if players look at them for the secret exits now.
19-09-29 21:45:59: [Public] Mnemugg: Need to write custom descs for these two rooms with them exits, too. Hmm.
19-09-29 21:49:42: [Public] Chaos: hehe cool. Glad it works ok.
19-09-29 22:00:00: [Public] Mnemugg: I'd put suggestions under the ideas section on trello?
19-09-29 22:02:41: [Public] Chaos: Yes please
19-09-30 00:09:08: [Public] Mnemugg: That is progress too!
19-09-30 00:09:22: [Public] Chaos: well, true. Needed to be done.
19-09-30 06:06:42: [Public] Mnemugg: What is do
19-09-30 06:18:56: [Public] Astraea: Heyo
19-09-30 06:22:07: [Public] Mnemugg: Hi
19-09-30 06:22:30: [Public] Mnemugg: glorthelum glordelum glorelum glorelim glorthelim glordelum glardelum.
19-09-30 06:22:56: [Public] Mnemugg: I think I like glardelum the best.
19-09-30 06:27:29: [Public] Astraea: What are you naming?
19-09-30 06:27:50: [Public] Mnemugg: Well.
19-09-30 06:27:59: [Public] Mnemugg: Nothing really. There isn't a typeclass for it yet.
19-09-30 06:28:05: [Public] Astraea: Ah
19-09-30 06:28:08: [Public] Mnemugg: But a glowing mushroom.
19-09-30 06:28:21: [Public] Astraea: Ooh. Why does it need a typeclass?
19-09-30 06:28:34: [Public] Mnemugg: Think it'd make a cool herb.
19-09-30 06:28:54: [Public] Mnemugg: The equivalent of kural or kelventari maybe
19-09-30 06:30:08: [Public] Mnemugg: Ugh, describing forest is boring.
19-09-30 06:30:27: [Public] Astraea: Ooh! Yes. Any of the names you listed sound good... very uh. Mushroomy.
19-09-30 06:30:38: [Public] Mnemugg: It's sindarin.
19-09-30 06:30:51: [Public] Mnemugg: Glaur - golden glow. Telum - mushroom.
19-09-30 06:30:56: [Public] Astraea: Yeahhhh. I just finished describing a 3 location path through elm trees and that was boring enough
19-09-30 06:31:53: [Public] Mnemugg: I like the idea of the herbs having exotic names. Real names instead of a name made of compound english words.
19-09-30 06:32:25: [Public] Astraea: Ah. I thought it might've had sindarin derivatives. Sounded like a name that would be used in a Tolkien book.
19-09-30 06:33:18: [Public] Mnemugg: Trying to figure out how to make a name in sindarin is kind of fun. Not that it's probably 100% correct. It's very, uh, subtle.
19-09-30 06:33:48: [Public] Astraea: Meh, good enough. It sounds feasible anyway.
19-09-30 06:34:32: [Public] Mnemugg: It'd be kind of cool if they have a professional name, equivalent to scientific maybe (glardelum) and then a common name (lantern mushroom).
19-09-30 06:34:56: [Public] Mnemugg: Although it would serve no purpose other than me being a nerd.
19-09-30 06:37:35: [Public] Mnemugg: Avalon had a lot of straight paths.
19-09-30 06:38:06: [Public] Mnemugg: Maybe I should cut out some rooms to make more road-like parts.
19-09-30 06:55:08: [Public] Astraea: I actually like the idea of having a scientific and common name. You're right though... no idea what it would be used for aside from maybe having a library with a book about it.
19-09-30 08:28:40: [Public] Chaos: Ew. mobile.
19-09-30 08:28:48: [Public] Astraea: how awful is it?
19-09-30 08:30:09: [Public] Chaos: Its marginally better than avalon... but i cannot understand why MUDrammer doesnt support MXP. clickable links on mobile seems so obviously a good idea.
19-09-30 08:33:55: [Public] Mnemugg: Will I ever stop doing desc/here instead of here/desc? Find out next time.
19-09-30 08:36:11: [Public] Chaos: hehe. set obj/variable = value. thats a Mux client thing. the guy that built the builtin evennia commands liked the mux style I guess
19-09-30 08:36:49: [Public] Mnemugg: I made a hidey hole to be cool in, too.
19-09-30 08:36:59: [Public] Mnemugg: You may visit me.
19-09-30 08:43:34: [Public] Gadra: It me.
19-09-30 08:43:41: [Public] Gadra: Evil tree.
19-09-30 08:44:05: [Public] Astraea: Ooh. Renamed tree.
19-09-30 09:31:28: [Public] Astraea: Meteors!
19-09-30 09:32:28: [Public] Chaos: hehe I'm just showing off.
19-09-30 09:38:51: [Public] Chaos: I like that. fun.
19-09-30 09:41:43: [Public] Chaos: yeah the lighter ones are easier to read.
19-09-30 14:58:35: [Public] Chaos: hate that guy.
19-09-30 20:15:07: [Public] Chaos: I made a quest.
19-09-30 20:15:43: [Public] Gadra: Oh?
19-09-30 20:17:43: [Public] Chaos: I need to leave a hint somewhere...
19-09-30 22:06:53: [Public] Gadra: It here.
19-09-30 22:17:34: [Public] Gadra: it here
19-09-30 22:18:26: [Public] Gadra: Although it could be any flavor of n-s, sw-ne, nw-se kind of connection.
19-09-30 22:18:49: [Public] Gadra: Could have a bit of a road before you arrive so things aren't too close together as well.
19-09-30 22:33:13: [Public] Chaos: ok avallone
19-09-30 22:33:21: [Public] Gadra: Tol Erressea is a smallish island I think.
19-09-30 22:33:33: [Public] Chaos: Yeah it is.
19-09-30 22:33:39: [Public] Gadra: So it would probably be on the mainland somewhere.
19-09-30 22:33:44: [Public] Chaos: yup
19-10-02 05:05:17: [Public] Astraea: You've been idle for 2 hours, but hi anyway
19-10-02 05:39:11: [Public] Astraea: Heya
19-10-02 05:47:55: [Public] Chaos: Eh, all sorted. My bad.
19-10-02 05:48:09: [Public] Astraea: Much better.
19-10-02 05:49:08: [Public] Chaos: That was the permanent fix.
19-10-02 06:01:44: [Public] Chaos: return to get out of there
19-10-02 06:09:15: [Public] Chaos: Oh, to refer to item numbers... use #123 not item123
19-10-02 06:09:45: [Public] Chaos: I'll sort that eventually, but I need to rework how item numbers work first (currently it's a db id and they don't get reused)
19-10-02 06:10:10: [Public] Chaos: you can talk here with pub
19-10-02 06:19:28: [Public] Chaos: did you just punch yourself?
19-10-02 06:19:32: [Public] Gadra: Yes.
19-10-02 06:19:44: [Public] Astraea: Is that your way of saying it shouldn't be possible?
19-10-02 06:19:57: [Public] Chaos: I could probably punch myself if I tried hard enough.
19-10-02 06:20:05: [Public] Astraea: haha
19-10-02 06:29:54: [Public] Chaos: punch should be... sorted
19-10-02 06:30:25: [Public] Gadra: Tis.
19-10-02 06:37:41: [Public] Gadra: Any exciting developments?
19-10-02 06:38:27: [Public] Chaos: I'm just working on dull intro quest stuff at the moment. You can REGISTER now.
19-10-02 07:00:20: [Public] Gadra: Hmm.
19-10-02 07:00:28: [Public] Gadra: The robin in the museum garden died.
19-10-02 07:00:37: [Public] Astraea: gasp
19-10-02 07:01:27: [Public] Astraea: Actually this is odd. Corpse of robin but dead = false on him
19-10-03 07:34:13: [Public] Chaos: hey
19-10-03 07:34:26: [Public] Chaos: oh your probably asleep.
19-10-03 07:34:45: [Public] Chaos: *you're
19-10-03 08:03:17: [Public] Gadra: I'm awake for now.
19-10-04 10:54:37: [Public] Gadra: Peeking at my elemental temple, eh?
19-10-04 10:55:20: [Public] Gadra: I need to come up with better names for the fire, air, etc. rooms.
19-10-04 10:55:39: [Public] Gadra: Maybe also not have it go in but have them shoot off nw, ne, sw, se. Hmm.
19-10-06 12:51:21: [Public] Chaos: yo.
19-10-06 18:30:13: [Public] Chaos: oops
19-10-06 22:31:48: [Public] Gadra: actually
19-10-06 22:32:16: [Public] Chaos: yes?
19-10-06 22:32:32: [Public] Gadra: Heheh
19-10-06 22:32:34: [Public] Gadra: Come here.
19-10-06 22:32:43: [Public] Chaos: I see it...
19-10-06 22:32:50: [Public] Gadra: Ah, you see damage?
19-10-06 22:32:55: [Public] Chaos: yup
19-10-06 22:32:56: [Public] Gadra: Pretty cool.
19-10-06 22:33:21: [Public] Gadra: The caves behind the waterfall has an area that's full of poisonous mushrooms.
19-10-06 22:33:26: [Public] Gadra: This works perfectly for it
19-10-06 22:33:50: [Public] Chaos: awesome
19-10-06 22:34:03: [Public] Chaos: there could be a herb that helps...
19-10-06 22:34:32: [Public] Chaos: sweet
19-10-06 22:34:33: [Public] Gadra: Oh, hmm
19-10-06 22:34:38: [Public] Gadra: It keeps damaging you after you die
19-10-06 22:34:51: [Public] Chaos: Oh? Poo...
19-10-06 22:34:56: [Public] Gadra: Yeah, I'm at -1500 heheh
19-10-06 22:35:07: [Public] Chaos: Oh shit... yes it would. I forgot a thing...
19-10-06 22:35:19: [Public] Gadra: Could just set ghosts to breathing all
19-10-21 09:29:14: [Public] Chaos: Oh hi!
19-10-24 17:41:30: [Public] Gadra: HI
19-10-24 17:41:36: [Public] Gadra: What is do?
19-10-28 06:56:52: [Public] Gadra: Nobody's ever online when I drop in now
19-10-28 06:56:56: [Public] Gadra: Big sad.
19-10-28 11:25:10: [Public] Gadra: I rise.
19-10-28 11:25:16: [Public] Gadra: I fall.
19-10-28 11:28:35: [Public] Chaos: hehe work ok?
19-10-28 11:29:02: [Public] Gadra: Looks good so far.
19-10-28 12:35:11: [Public] Chaos: that oughtta fix the double message on defence expiry
19-11-13 22:34:08: [Public] rose: Hello hello.
19-11-13 22:35:23: [Public] rose: Hello hello!
19-11-13 22:52:28: [Public] testmugg: I AM HERE.
19-11-13 22:52:34: [Public] Gadra: It lives
19-11-14 00:14:34: [Public] Chaos: Don't choke
19-11-14 16:01:23: [Public] Gadra: What do?
19-11-14 18:10:37: [Public] Gadra: You have two gods, eh?
19-11-14 18:10:47: [Public] Chaos: haha well. Yes.
19-11-15 17:04:51: [Public] Chaos: howdy
19-11-15 21:25:09: [Public] Chaos: Weird seeing you with that colour.
19-11-15 21:25:18: [Public] Gadra: It is
19-11-15 21:25:40: [Public] Chaos: How's it going?
19-11-15 21:25:54: [Public] Gadra: Think I'm going to have to do some annoying lengthening of roads to make them more road-y
19-11-15 21:26:18: [Public] Gadra: They're going to go down but should probably also curve around a bit or something
19-11-16 10:15:55: [Public] test: hhh
19-11-19 10:47:56: [Public] Chaos: Hi Peony
20-01-27 10:45:27: [Public] Chaos: Holy crap
20-01-27 10:45:35: [Public] Chaos: I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE
20-01-27 10:45:46: [Public] Astraea: I told you I'd come back one day
20-01-27 10:45:54: [Public] Chaos: heh
20-01-27 10:46:56: [Public] Chaos: work in progress...
20-01-27 10:47:03: [Public] Astraea: Hehe. Thanks
20-01-27 10:47:18: [Public] Astraea: I can't remember where I left off
20-01-27 10:47:43: [Public] Astraea: Fun seeing adult birds running around now though
20-01-27 10:47:47: [Public] Chaos: hm, You made the room of chimneys in tol i think. You were putting off forests...
20-01-27 10:48:10: [Public] Astraea: Forests are dumb. Who needs trees.
20-01-27 10:48:18: [Public] Chaos: Droods.
20-01-27 10:48:32: [Public] Chaos: not that I have made any yet.
20-01-27 10:48:36: [Public] Astraea: hehe
20-01-27 10:49:40: [Public] Astraea: Were you recreating the imp quest?
20-01-27 10:50:09: [Public] Chaos: Kind of. He does a thing... except I can't remember it already...
20-01-27 10:50:14: [Public] Chaos: ponder
20-01-27 10:50:39: [Public] Chaos: I need a quest hint command
20-01-27 10:51:08: [Public] Astraea: I gave him the torch
20-01-27 10:51:22: [Public] Chaos: jeez, I can't remember making this at all...
20-01-27 10:51:23: [Public] Astraea: Which was apparently the completion of the quest
20-01-27 10:51:44: [Public] Chaos: I think I did it to test out multiple response messages.
20-01-27 10:52:24: [Public] Chaos: He moves about randomly, but stays in this zone/area thing. So he's always in the forest.
20-01-27 10:52:29: [Public] Astraea: aha
20-01-27 10:52:43: [Public] Chaos: I should make him stop moving though if you hand him the torch.
20-01-27 10:52:51: [Public] Chaos: Oh right, the torch is in with the grue...
20-01-27 10:53:07: [Public] Chaos: I remember now
20-01-27 10:54:00: [Public] Astraea: hehe
20-01-27 11:15:45: [Public] Chaos: amazing how much more motivating it is to work on this when there's more than just me here. Annoyingly I have work I need to do. But thinking about how to finish up the skills work and making some seer type skills (curses/blessings etc)
20-01-27 11:15:57: [Public] Chaos: PONDER
20-01-27 11:22:33: [Public] Astraea: Yeah... I can understand that. It's hard to find motivation when it feels like you're working on something for yourself and not anyone else.
20-01-27 11:23:42: [Public] Astraea: I should have some time later today (it's midnight in NZ). Reu's gone for work until Wednesday so I'll be bored.
20-01-27 11:27:01: [Public] Chaos: wonder if anyone else would be interested. Might ping Gadra and Rose again too.
20-01-27 11:27:36: [Public] Chaos: Oh yeah you're in tomorrow again.
20-01-27 11:27:43: [Public] Astraea: Yeah... more people generates more interest.
20-01-27 21:20:31: [Public] Chaos: hey hey
20-01-27 21:26:53: [Public] Astraea: hiya
20-01-27 21:27:11: [Public] Astraea: Not paying much attention at the moment
20-01-27 21:34:00: [Public] Chaos: No, nor me. Trying to work something out..
20-01-27 21:37:51: [Public] Astraea: Whatcha working on?
20-01-27 21:39:08: [Public] Chaos: well, I want to make a command that lists all the defences in the game
20-01-27 21:39:22: [Public] Chaos: I added stuff to ab divinity
20-01-27 21:39:45: [Public] Chaos: defences is one of them, but it doesn't have a help file yet and I want it to generate it automagically. Somehow.
20-01-27 21:59:07: [Public] Astraea: Ahh, I see.
20-01-27 21:59:27: [Public] Astraea: It's neat to see the skills and abilities populating..
20-01-27 21:59:54: [Public] Chaos: Getting there!
20-01-27 22:00:15: [Public] Astraea: I can't decide what to focus on. There's so many locations I want to create but I just keep bouncing around.
20-01-27 22:00:24: [Public] Chaos: trouble is they work slightly differently. Charming and potions. Divinity is more 'normal'
20-01-27 22:00:39: [Public] Astraea: Right
20-01-27 22:01:04: [Public] Chaos: charming and potions are chant/mix <skill>
20-01-27 22:01:14: [Public] Astraea: Yep
20-01-27 22:01:19: [Public] Chaos: divinity is just a bunch of different commands
20-01-27 22:01:33: [Public] Astraea: Chant could be considered the first ability in charming. And mix in potions.
20-01-27 22:02:14: [Public] Chaos: Yes could be. I want a help file for each skill too
20-01-27 22:02:15: [Public] Astraea: It annoyed me in Av that you had to go looking for that info in help files. It wasn't directly associated with the AB <skill>
20-01-27 22:02:59: [Public] Astraea: I could help with help files... or are you going to auto-gen them somehow?
20-01-27 22:03:14: [Public] Chaos: I assume it works the same in av as I have done it. Generated from the code.
20-01-27 22:03:21: [Public] Astraea: ah
20-01-27 22:03:28: [Public] Chaos: the help files will be manual though
20-01-27 22:04:26: [Public] Chaos: Oh yeah I was working on the intro. I should fix that too. and make more quest options...
20-01-27 22:04:35: [Public] Chaos: stufff
20-01-27 22:04:56: [Public] Astraea: Yeah. So much stuff.
20-01-27 22:05:18: [Public] Chaos: you can see the intro so far by typing 'intro'
20-01-27 22:05:19: [Public] Astraea: Did Mnemmugg just poof entirely after a while, too?
20-01-27 22:05:33: [Public] Chaos: yeah I poked him on Discord but he's gone awol
20-01-27 22:06:09: [Public] Astraea: Maybe we can make enough noise to interest him again. I suspect if we get to a point where we have others joining, he will reawaken, too.
20-01-27 22:06:48: [Public] Chaos: it saves where you got to - so if you register you can type intro again (ultimately triggered by reconnecting) and carry on where you left off.
20-01-27 22:07:47: [Public] Astraea: Thing one, thing two, thing three. Hehe
20-01-27 22:07:53: [Public] Astraea: That intro looks good though!
20-01-27 22:08:24: [Public] Astraea: Ugh. I keep typing stat out of habit haha
20-01-27 22:09:49: [Public] Chaos: hah, not sure what it would say yet...
20-01-27 22:13:35: [Public] Astraea: Good point...
20-01-27 22:17:14: [Public] Chaos: eh, actually there are a few things
20-01-27 22:42:36: [Public] Chaos: ponnndeeer. ok more tomorrow. Got a plan at least.
20-01-28 21:32:27: [Public] Chaos: hey
20-01-28 21:36:53: [Public] Astraea: hiya
20-01-28 21:37:49: [Public] Chaos: pondering room quests...
20-01-28 21:39:16: [Public] Astraea: Ah. It's not urgent, just a thought I had. I've been pondering how to do skies... would there be a way to have every outdoors location have skies?
20-01-28 21:39:55: [Public] Astraea: Or will I have to manually do that?
20-01-28 21:40:03: [Public] Chaos: I'm sure there would be a way...
20-01-28 21:41:15: [Public] Chaos: Wouldn't necessarily have to be *real* rooms.
20-01-28 21:41:33: [Public] Chaos: just a flag on the character to say they were in the sky *in* that location
20-01-28 21:41:45: [Public] Chaos: then you could build the upper skys manually
20-01-28 21:41:54: [Public] Astraea: Ahhh, yes. That would be perfect.
20-01-28 21:42:30: [Public] Astraea: I only want to customize the star map. Maybe skies can become unique later on, but certainly not first level importance.
20-01-28 21:42:49: [Public] Astraea: Not that stars are that important either...
20-01-28 21:43:45: [Public] Chaos: They can be if they're part of the world... it's another dimension. Stars can have all sorts of effects.
20-01-28 21:44:06: [Public] Chaos: plus it's um, kinda important to the goddess of the stars.
20-01-28 21:56:14: [Public] Chaos: Oh, in zmud can you see the colour difference in `ab charming`?
20-01-28 21:56:51: [Public] Chaos: Werelight should be normal colour, bottom three (that require lessons) will be grey. Unless zmud eats the colour codes.
20-01-28 21:58:54: [Public] Astraea: Zmud isn't working on my work laptop so I'm using MUSH while I'm away
20-01-28 21:59:06: [Public] Astraea: I can see the color differences in it though
20-01-28 22:00:58: [Public] Chaos: I know av had to change a bunch of colours depending on what client you use
20-01-28 22:01:10: [Public] Chaos: so might have to do the same. Or just ignore zmud people ;)
20-01-28 22:01:25: [Public] Astraea: Yeah... it's pretty outdated anyway
20-01-28 22:01:35: [Public] Astraea: If you use the basic 256 color codes it does fine
20-02-02 02:45:16: [Public] Astraea: Late for you
20-02-02 09:44:25: [Public] Astraea: Paying attention as usual
20-02-07 13:37:19: [Public] Achlys: you shouldn't choke if you're already dead...
20-02-07 13:38:13: [Public] Achlys: You can use pub <msg> to chat on here
20-02-07 13:39:18: [Public] Achlys: heh
20-02-07 17:18:19: [Public] Ondine: Hi Golmor.
20-02-07 17:18:49: [Public] Golmor: hi
20-02-07 18:06:11: [Public] Achlys: yes you can see my location on who. I'll sort that eventually.
20-02-07 18:27:16: [Public] Achlys: You'll need to use MOVING MAP to see the map (or there's now a MAP command)
20-02-07 18:27:34: [Public] Achlys: er, kind of.
20-02-07 18:29:37: [Public] Achlys: ok *now* there is a MAP command :P
20-02-07 18:30:00: [Public] Achlys: you can talk on this channel with 'PUB <msg>'
20-02-07 18:31:21: [Public] Achlys: back soon
20-02-07 19:25:13: [Public] Chaos: oh, hah.
20-02-07 19:28:42: [Public] Chaos: I guess there's not enough food to keep you from starving to death. Hm.
20-02-07 19:42:03: [Public] Chaos: ok, starvation wont actually kill you nopw
20-02-09 20:33:53: [Public] Vath: what is this
20-02-10 14:59:46: [Public] Vath: what is this game?
20-03-01 16:29:35: [Public] Gadra: it me
20-03-01 16:30:53: [Public] Chaos: ello
20-03-01 16:31:02: [Public] Gadra: Hmm
20-03-01 16:31:08: [Public] Gadra: Why does the map not show up when I move now
20-03-01 16:54:18: [Public] Gadra: Many tree varieties
20-03-01 16:54:48: [Public] Chaos: I liked the variety.
20-03-02 18:09:50: [Public] Chaos: hai
20-03-02 18:11:34: [Public] Gadra: hi
20-03-02 18:12:04: [Public] Gadra: What is blood but the ink of the body
20-03-02 18:13:10: [Public] Gadra: What's a better skill name - Origami or Folding?
20-03-02 18:15:03: [Public] Chaos: hum
20-03-02 18:15:34: [Public] Chaos: Maybe Folding? hmm. I'm not sure
20-03-02 18:16:41: [Public] Gadra: I think a really cool ultimate ability - or maybe crowned - would be one that makes paper color suddenly matter.
20-03-02 18:18:12: [Public] Gadra: This the Salamander room has always been the one I saw the least clearly. Hmm.
20-03-02 18:22:21: [Public] Gadra: Working on anything interesting?
20-03-02 18:31:21: [Public] Gadra: Ahhh
20-03-02 18:31:27: [Public] Gadra: I'm big dumb.
20-03-02 19:01:57: [Public] Gadra: Busy?
20-03-02 21:10:04: [Public] Gadra: Thanks. It'd be nice if you could set an interval, too.
20-03-02 21:11:30: [Public] Gadra: Or maybe... hmm.
20-03-02 21:12:16: [Public] Gadra: Not sure how the best way to do it would be. Trying to think of how you'd do be able to ambiance messages with variable time between messages and also differing rarity.
20-03-02 21:12:29: [Public] Gadra: ... "Do be able to." Good lord.
20-03-02 21:21:15: [Public] Achlys: haha
20-03-02 21:21:18: [Public] Achlys: hmm
20-03-02 21:21:34: [Public] Achlys: you could use a tuple
20-03-02 21:21:44: [Public] Achlys: with a frequency value...
20-03-02 21:21:47: [Public] Achlys: sooooo
20-03-02 21:22:46: [Public] Achlys: [("this happens half as much as something with a value of 1", 0.5), ("this is a candidate on every random tick", 1)]
20-03-02 21:23:31: [Public] Achlys: and then just have random = 60 (or whatever number of seconds you want as an interval). If everything has a value of less than 1 in random_msgs, it wouldn't show a msg on every tick.
20-03-02 21:23:43: [Public] Achlys: would that work?
20-03-02 21:25:48: [Public] Gadra: Yeah, that sounds like it'd work.
20-03-02 21:45:52: [Public] Achlys: hah. Hi Peony.
20-03-02 21:46:14: [Public] Peony: Heya!
20-03-02 21:47:12: [Public] Gadra: We're trying to remember what Wendy had perms to do.
20-03-02 21:47:19: [Public] Gadra: Was she a builder?
20-03-02 21:52:42: [Public] Gadra: We need more describers, describing is hard work.
20-03-02 21:52:48: [Public] Gadra: I require literary slaves.
20-03-02 21:52:48: [Public] Achlys: It is...
20-03-02 21:52:51: [Public] Peony: I'M HERE NOW.
20-03-02 21:52:56: [Public] Gadra: You're being obstinate.
20-03-02 21:52:59: [Public] Peony: You -
20-03-02 21:53:08: [Public] Peony: All I said was "no" when you said "do you want to describe everything", you slavedriver.
20-03-02 21:53:16: [Public] Gadra: mutter
20-03-02 21:59:14: [Public] Gadra: What do you think of this city being named Nimroth
20-03-02 22:05:32: [Public] Achlys: I like. Sounds familiar...
20-03-02 22:08:48: [Public] Gadra: There's a tolkien lady named Nimrodel. Lady of the White Grotto. Nim means white and Roth means... I think it was stone. The city's made of white rock. Very Greecian except for all the fantasy bullshit.
20-03-02 22:25:12: [Public] Gadra: Lysaaaaer.
20-03-02 22:25:27: [Public] Gadra: I made my golem a sentient typeclass and it doesn't use its name attribute anymore.
20-03-02 23:11:04: [Public] Gadra: Do we have a way to learn skills or is it all divinely gifted right now
20-03-02 23:11:19: [Public] Chaos: all divinely gifted for now, but the mechanic is all there
20-03-02 23:11:34: [Public] Gadra: learning and using lessons and all that?
20-03-02 23:11:34: [Public] Chaos: Lesson gain coming soon
20-03-02 23:11:38: [Public] Gadra: Ooo
20-03-02 23:11:41: [Public] Gadra: We're almost a real mud
20-03-02 23:11:46: [Public] Chaos: almost!
20-03-02 23:11:51: [Public] Gadra: Start selling them subscriptions
20-03-02 23:12:03: [Public] Gadra: Only 59.99 for 10 hours of play time
20-03-02 23:12:05: [Public] Chaos: the intro quest will give out the skills instead of me, eventually.
20-03-02 23:12:28: [Public] Chaos: anyway - back later!
20-03-02 23:12:31: [Public] Gadra: Laterrrr
20-03-03 17:01:12: [Public] Gadra: Lysaaaaer
20-03-03 17:01:18: [Public] Whipsnipple: halp
20-03-03 17:01:19: [Public] Gadra: Whipsnipple can't edit any of my old rooooms
20-03-03 17:01:24: [Public] Whipsnipple: daaaaaad
20-03-03 17:06:17: [Public] Achlys: yeah you need to set the perms on each room for now, annoyingly. I can make that easier.
20-03-03 17:06:43: [Public] Achlys: setlock here = edit:id(4370) or perm(Admin)
20-03-03 17:06:57: [Public] Achlys: that should be enough
20-03-03 17:07:11: [Public] Achlys: if not also do the same on control
20-03-03 17:07:23: [Public] Gadra: If we did perm(Builder) could all the builders edit it?
20-03-03 17:07:40: [Public] Gadra: Am I crazy or was this channel a different color yesterday.
20-03-03 17:12:26: [Public] Whipsnipple: Ruby tower is in :o
20-03-03 17:12:34: [Public] Whipsnipple: Quickly followed by her sapphire-ness
20-03-03 17:13:06: [Public] Whipsnipple: Can I teleport
20-03-03 17:23:38: [Public] Achlys: yes - perm(Builder) should make all builders work
20-03-03 17:23:47: [Public] Achlys: and you're crazy.
20-03-03 17:30:22: [Public] Whipsnipple: who crazy
20-03-03 17:33:34: [Public] Whipsnipple: god lore?
20-03-03 17:33:37: [Public] Whipsnipple: like a god of nature?
20-03-03 17:33:42: [Public] Whipsnipple: is that a thing yet
20-03-03 17:33:46: [Public] Gadra: Uhhh
20-03-03 17:33:55: [Public] Gadra: Don't think so
20-03-03 17:34:53: [Public] Gadra: Is good question though.
20-03-03 17:35:13: [Public] Whipsnipple: Aja, Goddess of the Wood?
20-03-03 17:35:21: [Public] Gadra: Aja, like the drag queen?
20-03-03 17:35:24: [Public] Whipsnipple: fuck
20-03-03 17:35:56: [Public] Whipsnipple: Selva?
20-03-03 17:36:04: [Public] Gadra: Ask Lysaer.
20-03-03 17:36:06: [Public] Gadra: He's the boss.
20-03-03 17:36:37: [Public] Gadra: Confirming big lore things can only be a positive. It's hard to build when things are ~nebulous.~
20-03-03 17:36:47: [Public] Whipsnipple: I put in something for now and if hate we change
20-03-03 17:47:14: [Public] Gadra: It's Lysaer.
20-03-03 18:11:42: [Public] Achlys: i'll make hunger waaaaay slower for now
20-03-03 18:12:26: [Public] Gadra: He do be starving
20-03-03 18:12:44: [Public] Gadra: Did you see my example of what happens when you try to put a comma in a room name?
20-03-03 18:13:22: [Public] Achlys: did now...
20-03-03 18:14:07: [Public] Gadra: Test test
20-03-03 18:14:23: [Public] Gadra: Test test
20-03-03 18:14:43: [Public] Gadra: Hmm.
20-03-03 18:14:54: [Public] Gadra: Okay. Added a color trigger for this channel so it doesn't get lost in a sea of white.
20-03-03 18:15:44: [Public] Achlys: yeah it's quite annoying
20-03-03 18:15:54: [Public] Achlys: I'll make it server side eventually
20-03-03 19:08:04: [Public] Whipsnipple: Are you around lysaer
20-03-03 20:38:18: [Public] Achlys: poopoo peepee
20-03-03 20:38:24: [Public] Gadra: Okay look
20-03-03 20:38:25: [Public] Achlys: This is like kindergarten.
20-03-03 20:38:33: [Public] Gadra: Whipsnipple has the mind of a child
20-03-03 20:38:54: [Public] Whipsnipple: Why
20-03-03 20:38:57: [Public] Gadra: I can't mind him all the time!
20-03-03 20:39:01: [Public] Gadra: He saw your poopoo peepee.
20-03-03 20:39:14: [Public] Whipsnipple: WHAT DID I DO
20-03-03 20:39:18: [Public] Whipsnipple: I MADE PRETTY CITY
20-03-03 20:39:31: [Public] Gadra: It is pretty.
20-03-03 20:39:38: [Public] Gadra: Although I'm going to pry the gemstones out of the roads.
20-03-03 20:40:18: [Public] Gadra: Probably not going to be the exact way it links up
20-03-03 20:40:29: [Public] Gadra: But having it by the Asgarros makes sense since they're both mountainy.
20-03-03 20:40:50: [Public] Achlys: Nice
20-03-03 20:41:05: [Public] Whipsnipple: Any objections to a seedy pirate bar on the river
20-03-03 20:42:23: [Public] Gadra: Avalon had lots of little villages and towns. Could be our first one.
20-03-03 20:42:41: [Public] Gadra: All the other towns and cities aside from Nimroth are on the starter island I think
20-03-03 20:51:53: [Public] Gadra: Lysaaaaer
20-03-03 20:52:02: [Public] Gadra: msg_traverse_other isn't wooooorking
20-03-03 20:52:07: [Public] Gadra: or I'm dumb, it's 50/50
20-03-03 20:52:09: [Public] Whipsnipple: D:
20-03-04 00:46:17: [Public] Senki: is there any way to change text width? Besides manually changing my window
20-03-04 00:46:30: [Public] Gadra: Hmm.
20-03-04 01:25:41: [Public] Gadra: She did it
20-03-04 01:25:51: [Public] Senki: I cheated
20-03-04 13:34:33: [Public] Gadra: I live.
20-03-04 13:40:24: [Public] Testalot: Nice, msg_traverse_leaving works.
20-03-04 14:37:28: [Public] Achlys partyparrot:
20-03-04 14:42:35: [Public] Achlys: test test
20-03-04 14:42:37: [Public] Achlys test test
20-03-04 14:42:42: [Public] Achlys: huh. interesting.
20-03-04 14:46:36: [Public] Gadra: What's that
20-03-04 15:13:35: [Public] Achlys: prefixing a pub message with : makes it an emote
20-03-04 15:13:50: [Public] Achlys emotes
20-03-04 15:16:46: [Public] Achlys: are you waiting for me to do anything particularly urgently? Next on my todo list is probably going to be different quest type(s). Then probably some magic.
20-03-04 15:18:05: [Public] Gadra: Not that I know of.
20-03-04 15:18:19: [Public] Gadra: More quest types sounds handy.
20-03-04 15:18:39: [Public] Gadra: Yeah, can't think of anything I particularly need.
20-03-04 15:19:56: [Public] Gadra: I posted some stuff in discord but none of it is urgent
20-03-04 15:20:23: [Public] Gadra: who
20-03-04 15:20:29: [Public] Gadra: ... mutter
20-03-04 16:56:44: [Public] Whipsnipple: how tag again
20-03-04 20:44:55: [Public] Gadra: typeclasses.characters.Sentient)
20-03-04 20:44:58: [Public] Gadra: typeclasses.characters.Sentient
20-03-05 10:53:26: [Public] Achlys: wave
20-03-05 10:53:50: [Public] Achlys: 593 rooms - you folks have been busy...
20-03-05 14:37:26: [Public] Gadra: We have been.
20-03-05 16:15:49: [Public] Peony: Lysaaaaer
20-03-05 16:26:48: [Public] Achlys: mmm?
20-03-05 16:29:49: [Public] Peony: Gitlab access? I've been reading the first steps coding guide and want to get my hands dirty
20-03-05 16:29:56: [Public] Achlys: oh yeh
20-03-05 16:30:05: [Public] Achlys: I'll do it now
20-03-05 16:30:17: [Public] Peony: Sweet!
20-03-05 16:31:28: [Public] Whipsnipple: Why am I NOT TEAL ANYMORE
20-03-05 16:31:38: [Public] Gadra: Did you shake off your aura, i dunno
20-03-05 16:31:40: [Public] Whipsnipple: Lysaerrrrrr
20-03-05 16:32:17: [Public] Peony: You know gadra can make you teal again
20-03-05 16:32:19: [Public] Peony: p sure
20-03-05 16:32:23: [Public] Peony: isn't it just divine aura
20-03-05 16:32:26: [Public] Whipsnipple: What r u working on
20-03-05 16:33:14: [Public] Gadra: We had some grand ideas for the mage class.
20-03-05 16:33:32: [Public] Gadra: True mage, not the material mage. Which we think would do well being called Artificers.
20-03-05 16:35:19: [Public] Whipsnipple: our mages are going to be masters of the universe
20-03-05 16:35:51: [Public] Achlys: Peony should have code access. Some of it's a little all over the place as I keep changing my mind how things should be, but it's settling down, somewhat.
20-03-05 16:36:25: [Public] Whipsnipple: Gadra and I are basically a massive idea factory that functions like a Nike sweatshop
20-03-05 16:36:39: [Public] Peony: Self-created nike sweatshop
20-03-05 16:36:39: [Public] Gadra: Gross.
20-03-05 16:36:41: [Public] Whipsnipple: I don't wanna say we're the best people at making cool things but...
20-03-05 16:36:46: [Public] Peony: Unless you have gremlins in your brain doing the work for you
20-03-05 16:36:52: [Public] Whipsnipple: I AM a gremlin
20-03-05 16:37:18: [Public] Achlys: How's your django?
20-03-05 16:37:24: [Public] Whipsnipple: unchained?
20-03-05 16:37:57: [Public] Peony: I'll work on getting it set up on my end! Bad. I don't do a ton of web dev outside of old school enterprisey javascript bs
20-03-05 16:38:04: [Public] Peony: But I can learn~
20-03-05 16:40:40: [Public] Whipsnipple: can gadra make us gods
20-03-05 16:40:58: [Public] Gadra: I am but a humble servant.
20-03-05 16:41:43: [Public] Gadra: Although I remember perms as a builder being quite annoying. Wouldn't be an issue if everything defaulted to builder perm.
20-03-05 16:44:20: [Public] Achlys: I can get it to default to Builder perms.
20-03-05 16:44:32: [Public] Achlys: for new areas...
20-03-05 16:44:38: [Public] Whipsnipple: it becomes a problem with quests
20-03-05 16:44:44: [Public] Whipsnipple: when i make something sentient i can't do anything with it anymore
20-03-05 16:44:59: [Public] Whipsnipple: like i've got the lich quest ready to go
20-03-05 16:45:05: [Public] Whipsnipple: but no can craft my magi
20-03-05 16:45:07: [Public] Gadra: Ah, yeah, changing something's typeclass makes it go to admin permissions.
20-03-05 16:45:33: [Public] Achlys: yeah that would rebuild the object from defaul
20-03-05 16:45:52: [Public] Whipsnipple: Belegor the first lich demands life
20-03-05 16:46:11: [Public] Gadra: If you recreated it and used a typeclass flag, it'd still be under the builder's control?
20-03-05 16:56:04: [Public] Whipsnipple: Lysaer, how would i make an Npc have items to sell and set up a shop front?
20-03-05 16:58:17: [Public] Achlys: there's an example if you zoom to eh... hang on i'll find it
20-03-05 17:00:26: [Public] Peony: Oh my god haha
20-03-05 17:00:41: [Public] Peony: I was testing a pull request because I wanted to make sure it goes smoothly before I start making changes
20-03-05 17:01:51: [Public] Peony: And my bf's name pops up as the author and I am VERY CONFUSED. Forgot he set up his git account on my pc ages ago
20-03-05 17:02:06: [Public] Peony: Max is not involved in aman
20-03-05 17:02:35: [Public] Achlys: hah
20-03-05 17:02:36: [Public] Peony: Anyway, you should see a merge request now
20-03-05 17:03:02: [Public] Peony: w/2 changes (typo fixes)
20-03-05 17:04:03: [Public] Achlys: yep I see it
20-03-05 17:05:30: [Public] Peony: and I fixed my git config so it should be me henceforth. sweet! I'm going to add a new folder for whipsnipple and gadra's testy things so you can be rid of it if it offends
20-03-05 17:05:42: [Public] Whipsnipple: WAH
20-03-05 17:05:49: [Public] Peony: much easier. and we can merge them in to the main structure if they're good
20-03-05 17:06:08: [Public] Peony: What do you two want first actually ping me a couple ideas and I'll just do the easiest ones first
20-03-05 17:06:16: [Public] Whipsnipple: Put my sorc in
20-03-05 17:06:21: [Public] Whipsnipple: just for testing purposes
20-03-05 17:06:27: [Public] Peony: what is your sorc
20-03-05 17:06:32: [Public] Whipsnipple: Sorcerer class
20-03-05 17:06:45: [Public] Peony: how about one ability
20-03-05 17:06:48: [Public] Whipsnipple: sure
20-03-05 17:06:53: [Public] Whipsnipple: put in hellflame bolt
20-03-05 17:06:57: [Public] Whipsnipple: and a demon one to summon
20-03-05 17:07:02: [Public] Whipsnipple: just to test two different things
20-03-05 17:07:38: [Public] Peony: Do changes require a server reboot or does evennia do hot reboots
20-03-05 17:08:02: [Public] Gadra: Reload might work
20-03-05 17:08:10: [Public] Peony: Ah yeah I found the docs
20-03-05 17:08:14: [Public] Peony: "warm reboot" lol
20-03-05 17:09:19: [Public] Gadra: I was talking to lysaer about a way to do randomized ambiance messages. You could put that in.
20-03-05 17:09:26: [Public] Achlys: I did half of it
20-03-05 17:09:39: [Public] Achlys: I get distracted by shiny things though.
20-03-05 17:09:43: [Public] Peony: Same
20-03-05 17:09:46: [Public] Gadra: Ambiance is shiny. Scowl.
20-03-05 17:09:50: [Public] Peony: Yawn
20-03-05 17:09:52: [Public] Gadra: World make feel alive do.
20-03-05 17:10:14: [Public] Peony: PEOPLE make world feel alive
20-03-05 17:10:23: [Public] Gadra: So do the details.
20-03-05 17:10:24: [Public] Peony: Ambiance messages make world feel spamy
20-03-05 17:10:27: [Public] Peony: Spam-y
20-03-05 17:10:34: [Public] Peony: Do you have a list of messages
20-03-05 17:10:43: [Public] Gadra: What an ironical source for this position to come from.
20-03-05 17:10:51: [Public] Gadra: Who are you talking to
20-03-05 17:11:09: [Public] Peony: You
20-03-05 17:11:25: [Public] Gadra: No, I don't have any messages written out for a feature that doesn't exist yet. >_>
20-03-05 17:11:49: [Public] Gadra: I can tell you what I want it to do though.
20-03-05 17:12:24: [Public] Whipsnipple: i want fire bolt to hit face
20-03-05 17:12:30: [Public] Whipsnipple: and demon to come from fire serve me
20-03-05 17:12:41: [Public] Gadra: I'm looking for an attribute that will let me give it a list of messages, a rarity, and a time-range for playing one of the messages.
20-03-05 17:12:55: [Public] Peony: Oh right
20-03-05 17:12:55: [Public] Peony: I remember
20-03-05 17:12:59: [Public] Achlys: ^^ Peony's typo fixes
20-03-05 17:13:11: [Public] Peony: Yay
20-03-06 01:48:27: [Public] Gadra: I see you connected
20-03-06 01:48:34: [Public] Gadra: >_>
20-03-07 17:03:42: [Public] Chaos: what.. is going on...
20-03-07 17:03:58: [Public] gadra: Test test
20-03-07 17:04:02: [Public] gadra: Test test
20-03-07 17:04:06: [Public] Chaos: there's 3 of you
20-03-07 17:04:08: [Public] gadra: Test
20-03-07 17:04:33: [Public] Chaos: it still thinks you're in a store
20-03-07 17:08:31: [Public] gadra: Test test
20-03-07 17:46:40: [Public] Gadra: Needful Things is haunted.
20-03-07 17:49:03: [Public] Peony: Isn't that the devil's store anyway
20-03-07 17:49:23: [Public] Gadra: I guess. It was my shop in Parrius.
20-03-07 17:49:48: [Public] Gadra: I sold all the herbs and the poisons in the game when they were in very short supply. Made a lot of money.
20-03-07 17:50:28: [Public] Gadra: But that cursed stockroom is preventing me from deleting it.
20-03-07 17:56:04: [Public] Gadra: Dear lord.
20-03-07 17:56:56: [Public] Gadra: There's just a ripple of buggy fuckeduppedness emanating out from that cursed shop.
20-03-07 17:57:18: [Public] Gadra: I've now somehow made all of Blue Street inaccessible by deleting the shop.
20-03-07 18:25:18: [Public] Gadra: Possibly that same thing I did when I first joined? Related to the map trying to draw a buggy room?
20-03-07 18:52:54: [Public] Peony: How do I specify that the match has to be exact in .search
20-03-07 19:09:32: [Public] Chaos: AB ORIGAMI.
20-03-07 19:09:52: [Public] Gadra: Nice.
20-03-08 17:43:54: [Public] Gadra: Eheheh.
20-03-08 17:44:00: [Public] Gadra: You can set prices to things that aren't numbers.
20-03-09 13:40:46: [Public] Gadra: Bugh.
20-03-09 15:32:33: [Public] Gadra: Floorboard gives coin instead of coins
20-03-09 15:32:49: [Public] Chaos: will have a look
20-03-09 15:39:43: [Public] Gadra: Hey
20-03-09 15:40:12: [Public] Gadra: We're definitely going to have mages, so we could make a guildhall in Nimroth for them, right?
20-03-09 15:40:31: [Public] Whipsnipple: spooky sorcerers are also mega confirmed...?
20-03-09 15:40:41: [Public] Gadra: Well yeah Lysaer is a giant emo
20-03-09 15:40:58: [Public] Whipsnipple: gasp
20-03-09 15:41:08: [Public] Whipsnipple: emo it isn't so
20-03-09 15:49:16: [Public] Chaos: Smorbitz should now have access to emotes/quests/recipes via the website
20-03-09 15:49:38: [Public] Whipsnipple: Sick
20-03-09 15:50:21: [Public] Whipsnipple: I linked my Gitlab earlier in the discord also :eye emoji:
20-03-09 15:51:32: [Public] Gadra: Can you make a walkwater or flying defence so we can cross water tags without the downsides of levitate.
20-03-09 15:52:29: [Public] Chaos: hm, yes.
20-03-09 16:03:54: [Public] Whipsnipple: I don't have permission to edit myself :(
20-03-09 16:04:13: [Public] Gadra: No running with scissors
20-03-09 16:09:35: [Public] Gadra: You still a their.
20-03-09 16:09:40: [Public] Chaos: good
20-03-09 16:09:45: [Public] Chaos: You're their
20-03-09 16:10:11: [Public] Gadra: I think NO might use their instead of |p too
20-03-09 16:10:28: [Public] Gadra: Er, might their instead of the possessive pronoun matcher
20-03-09 16:10:47: [Public] Chaos: ah, yes no seems to use their... that's odd
20-03-09 16:10:53: [Public] Gadra: Yeah, it does. I'll edit that.
20-03-09 16:11:32: [Public] Chaos: oh it's hard coded to use their... hah
20-03-09 16:17:50: [Public] Gadra: What the hell defines a village
20-03-09 16:17:56: [Public] Gadra: They had like...
20-03-09 16:18:06: [Public] Gadra: A pub, usually. A comms area.
20-03-09 16:18:52: [Public] Chaos: it was a milestone, generally. but yeah they usually had a trade centre and a pub (but not always)
20-03-09 16:19:22: [Public] Chaos: btw if you set marker on an object, you can zoom to it
20-03-09 16:21:40: [Public] Gadra: Do we want milestones?
20-03-09 16:21:59: [Public] Chaos: they can be quite handy for defining the village center
20-03-09 16:22:01: [Public] Whipsnipple: The bilgerat's milestone can be a big wooden rat on a sign
20-03-09 16:22:09: [Public] Whipsnipple: with a pirate hat on it
20-03-09 16:22:14: [Public] Whipsnipple: named Captain Cheesewhisker
20-03-09 16:22:19: [Public] Whipsnipple: thoughts?
20-03-09 16:22:29: [Public] Whipsnipple: ZOOM CAPTAIN CHEESEWHISKER
20-03-09 16:22:33: [Public] Gadra: I'm
20-03-09 16:22:35: [Public] Chaos: ah - it's mark = blah
20-03-09 16:22:44: [Public] Gadra: I'm going to say no to captain cheesewhisker
20-03-09 16:22:50: [Public] Gadra: I like to your spunk though
20-03-09 16:22:52: [Public] Whipsnipple: tabling captain cheesewhisker
20-03-09 16:23:20: [Public] Chaos: No. :p
20-03-09 16:23:26: [Public] Whipsnipple: sigh
20-03-09 16:23:33: [Public] Gadra: You can table it
20-03-09 16:23:33: [Public] Whipsnipple: never get to have any whimsy
20-03-09 16:23:39: [Public] Gadra: But that table is going into the trash.
20-03-09 16:24:20: [Public] Chaos: ah yes. That's how 'zoom avallone' works.
20-03-09 16:24:42: [Public] Chaos: mark = avallone on the room. Though it can be on an object in a room too.
20-03-09 16:24:55: [Public] Gadra: I like the idea of actual physical milestones
20-03-09 16:25:16: [Public] Chaos: me too. Can actually have them have areawide effects too.
20-03-09 16:30:01: [Public] Gadra: This is going to be
20-03-09 16:52:50: [Public] Whipsnipple: before you go
20-03-09 16:52:55: [Public] Whipsnipple: can you give me permission to edit myself
20-03-09 16:52:56: [Public] Whipsnipple: shit
20-03-09 16:53:29: [Public] Gadra: I'll change your edit perms on yourself to yourself and Chaos can smite me if he disapproves.
20-03-09 19:16:07: [Public] Whipsnipple: Can I give myself charming lessons
20-03-09 19:16:13: [Public] Whipsnipple: to levitate over these annoying ass rivers
20-03-09 19:44:59: [Public] Gadra: What did you need, Senki?
20-03-09 19:45:17: [Public] Senki: Which rooms were the secret rooms? Do you remember their numbers?
20-03-09 19:47:08: [Public] Whipsnipple: ONE HONEYED MEAD FOR SALE GET YOUR SINGLE DAMN MUG.
20-03-09 20:49:25: [Public] marie: hi
20-03-09 20:53:35: [Public] Gadra: Hi?
20-03-09 20:54:02: [Public] marie: hey?
20-03-09 20:54:05: [Public] Gadra: Hi.
20-03-09 20:55:26: [Public] Gadra: Test test?
20-03-09 20:55:31: [Public] Gadra: Can you hear me, Marie?
20-03-09 20:55:35: [Public] marie: i hear u
20-03-09 20:55:39: [Public] Senki: Hello, Marie
20-03-09 20:55:42: [Public] Gadra: Okay, cool. Hi!
20-03-09 20:55:54: [Public] marie: got a bunch of windows open so bare with me if im slow
20-03-09 21:00:54: [Public] marie )
20-03-09 21:02:54: [Public] marie: evennia?
20-03-09 21:03:13: [Public] Gadra: Yes, this is Evennia.
20-03-09 21:03:44: [Public] Gadra: Did you play Avalon?
20-03-09 21:03:56: [Public] marie: yh
20-03-09 21:04:13: [Public] Gadra: Who did you play?
20-03-09 21:04:54: [Public] marie: probably noone u knew. what about u guys?
20-03-09 21:05:05: [Public] Senki: Kandi?
20-03-09 21:05:25: [Public] Gadra: I played Deneb.
20-03-09 21:05:48: [Public] marie: not a name i remember
20-03-09 21:53:13: [Public] Senki: Ugh, I take so long to write up locations... I end up being critical of every small word and its definition. Take for example now, I have a page of synonyms for paths and roads *laughs*
20-03-09 21:53:24: [Public] Senki: Slow progress is still progress, at least
20-03-09 22:24:43: [Public] Gadra: Crescent area is the first city, Nimroth
20-03-09 22:25:49: [Public] Senki: Ah, you can see all tells then? Thanks for picking up my unasked question
20-03-09 22:26:31: [Public] Gadra: I see all!
20-03-09 22:26:41: [Public] Senki: Good to know early on!
20-03-09 22:27:10: [Public] Gadra: Rude.
20-03-09 22:27:22: [Public] Senki: Is Nimroth well populated?
20-03-09 22:52:09: [Public] Gadra: Easter eggs don't always have to be references!
20-03-09 22:52:46: [Public] Senki: Oh you're right! [an unexpected or undocumented feature in a piece of computer software or on a DVD, included as a joke or a bonus.]
20-03-09 22:53:03: [Public] Senki: TIL Easter Eggs aren't only references
20-03-09 23:16:02: [Public] Gadra: Like what you did with the paths.
20-03-09 23:33:33: [Public] Chaos: my bad. soz.
20-03-09 23:33:40: [Public] Chaos: night!
20-03-09 23:34:03: [Public] Gadra: Night!
20-03-09 23:34:27: [Public] Whipsnipple: nighty night
20-03-09 23:43:38: [Public] Senki: I'll be back in a bit
20-03-09 23:43:42: [Public] Gadra: Laterrr
20-03-09 23:43:50: [Public] Peony: See you around!
20-03-09 23:45:59: [Public] Peony: I'm gonna go make dinner. Also out
20-03-09 23:55:50: [Public] Senki: Back, will get back to my rooms
20-03-09 23:59:15: [Public] Senki: Do I titlise the room names? Example: Small Track Through the Forest, or keep things lowercase except the first letter?
20-03-09 23:59:49: [Public] Gadra: I like titles
20-03-10 00:00:00: [Public] Senki: Will edit the names I've done so far, then
20-03-10 00:48:04: [Public] Gadra: I make the pizza
20-03-10 04:26:35: [Public] Gadra: |yFOOL
20-03-10 04:27:00: [Public] Peony: |xHmm.
20-03-10 11:28:05: [Public] Senki: How do we resurrect?
20-03-10 11:28:28: [Public] Achlys: At the moment you need a god to do it.
20-03-10 11:28:40: [Public] Achlys: But soon there will be a resurrection routine.
20-03-10 11:28:52: [Public] Senki: Ah this Testalot isn't worth godly interference
20-03-10 11:29:14: [Public] Senki: Achlyyyysss... Is there any way we can set the text width?
20-03-10 11:29:16: [Public] Achlys: I think Gadra made the 'pool of life' yesterday. In fact, I think that's where he's standing right now.
20-03-10 11:30:23: [Public] Achlys: text width, hm. Yes I think there is, though I am not sure how well it's honoured all over the place.
20-03-10 11:31:05: [Public] Senki: I think I mean more text window width. When I splitscreen my mudlet, it cuts off some text on the edge, and doesn't correct for the width
20-03-10 11:31:32: [Public] Senki: Is that a mudlet setting? But it didn't do it with Avalon (which makes me confused)
20-03-10 11:32:01: [Public] Achlys: oh. Yeah mudlet is bad at that. I have noticed it before. I'll have a look at what could be done...
20-03-10 11:32:44: [Public] Senki: if it's a mudlet thing, no need to worry, I'll look through all the settings myself. Thanks for the clarity!
20-03-10 11:37:03: [Public] Achlys: if you go to settings and main display you can change word wrap to 80 - that makes it loads narrower
20-03-10 11:38:29: [Public] Achlys: I could set something serverside if it becomes a common complaint, though. I don't do any word wrapping. Figure that clients should be able to handle that.
20-03-10 11:42:23: [Public] Senki: What's with the cat?
20-03-10 11:42:30: [Public] Senki: And thank you for the guidance
20-03-10 11:43:14: [Public] Achlys: the cat is when I change something.
20-03-10 11:43:26: [Public] Senki: Ooooohhhh! That's nice to know
20-03-10 11:59:00: [Public] Achlys: miow.
20-03-10 12:04:48: [Public] Senki: Mew!
20-03-10 12:06:57: [Public] Senki: My thought process when writing descriptions: Describing a mountain path > What are the different types of rocks you find on a mountain > *does a google search* > Okay that's good. Oh wait. Mount Nendor means "rainy mountain". What happens to rocks when it rains constantly on a mountain > *does a google search* > Enrolls into a short-course of basic geology
20-03-10 12:07:44: [Public] Senki: I didn't really enroll into a short course. But this is what it feels like I'm doing with all this finnicky research that I'm SURE I don't need XD
20-03-10 12:09:14: [Public] Achlys: hah, you should have seen me making trees grow... jeez.
20-03-10 12:10:59: [Public] Senki: I can guess as much there. I've written up three descriptions for tree-forms in Avalon and the amount of research I did there, eee gadz
20-03-10 12:11:47: [Public] Senki: I'm heading back to my writing now. I hope to be done with the South Argarros today. What are you working on?
20-03-10 12:12:06: [Public] Achlys: you'll see in approx... 10 mins.
20-03-10 12:12:39: [Public] Senki: I'll let you know if I see anything, then
20-03-10 12:12:45: [Public] Achlys: please do :)
20-03-10 12:24:57: [Public] Senki: Would it be possible to trip someone with zooming, to slow them down, as they come across a dangerous ledge for example?
20-03-10 12:25:26: [Public] Senki: And then have them die if they try zooming again *grins evilly*
20-03-10 12:25:38: [Public] Achlys: Yes. Rooms could have a trip percentage chance. Zoom could check in each room to see if they trip...
20-03-10 12:26:06: [Public] Senki: It's for much later on! But I'll add the note to my descriptions so I remember for later
20-03-10 12:26:42: [Public] Senki: Ah! I can learn again! Thanks Achlys!
20-03-10 12:26:53: [Public] Achlys: haha, that's what I was working on.
20-03-10 12:26:57: [Public] Senki: Mew!
20-03-10 12:28:55: [Public] Achlys: all this fruit...
20-03-10 12:34:16: [Public] Achlys: oh - do you have the map turned on? It's the same as in avalon. MOVING MAP. I'll have an intro thing to set that stuff up at some point.
20-03-10 12:53:13: [Public] Senki: It was one of the first things I turned on when I entered!
20-03-10 12:55:36: [Public] Achlys: hah, cool.
20-03-10 14:44:45: [Public] Senki: As long as this is taking me, I'm really enjoying this writing, and kinda feeling proud of some of my locations.
20-03-10 14:49:46: [Public] Achlys: looking good from what I have seen. The trick with this is not to rush. It's tempting to want it all and want it now, but it really is a product of lots of small improvements.
20-03-10 14:50:54: [Public] Senki: that's really good advice, thank you Achlys.
20-03-10 14:51:56: [Public] Achlys: This is I think my 4th (maybe more) attempt at creating a MUD. This is by far the farthest I have got. Mostly because I just haven't given up yet. heh.
20-03-10 14:52:24: [Public] Achlys: the others I just got frustrated at how long it was all taking to get anywhere. Now I'm just enjoying the process and not worrying too much about it.
20-03-10 14:52:46: [Public] Senki: Can we not attribute that to old age? *teases* :P
20-03-10 14:52:54: [Public] Achlys: That too.
20-03-10 14:55:55: [Public] Gadra: What would be a good command header for the arcana abilities
20-03-10 14:56:15: [Public] Gadra: Disclose? Shortened to dis maybe. Reveal. Revelation. Rev. Hmm.
20-03-10 14:56:27: [Public] Achlys: describe the arcana...
20-03-10 14:56:40: [Public] Gadra: So in Avalon
20-03-10 14:56:45: [Public] Gadra: When you think about it
20-03-10 14:57:20: [Public] Gadra: Arcana was, like... lost knowledge. Secrets of the world that had been forgotten. Acts of mysticism in a mystical world.
20-03-10 14:57:41: [Public] Gadra: Same thing. It's a collection of, for lack of a better term, jedi mind tricks.
20-03-10 14:58:21: [Public] Gadra: Like it's got the equivalent of Dazzle. But instead of blinding them with light you swallow them up in a mesmeric gaze.
20-03-10 14:58:59: [Public] Gadra: Instead of brilliance you're perhaps vibrating their aura or something.
20-03-10 15:00:14: [Public] Senki: You're wanting a word that is a "prefix" for using a skill?
20-03-10 15:00:23: [Public] Senki: Like Forest Heal?
20-03-10 15:00:39: [Public] Gadra: Yeah, like FOR(EST) was for Naturalism and WEAVE was for Candescence and so on
20-03-10 15:01:42: [Public] Senki: I like DISC(ERN) or ...
20-03-10 15:02:40: [Public] Gadra: Hmm. Well the idea is that you're, uh, enlightening your enemy with these deadly secrets. Hence reveal, disclose.
20-03-10 15:02:49: [Public] Gadra: Enlighten isn't bad actually.
20-03-10 15:02:54: [Public] Achlys: I was about to say that
20-03-10 15:03:03: [Public] Senki: Ooh I agree. I like Enlighten
20-03-10 15:03:11: [Public] Senki: ENL for short?
20-03-10 15:03:13: [Public] Gadra: Works for me. They can do ENL for short.
20-03-10 15:03:16: [Public] Gadra: Yep.
20-03-10 15:03:57: [Public] Gadra: And yeah, this would be our pool of life.
20-03-10 15:43:12: [Public] Gadra: Are we going to have levels?
20-03-10 15:43:41: [Public] Gadra: I kind of like the idea of just setting everyone to 100 hp, 100 mana. Maybe a little more or less depending on class/abilities.
20-03-10 15:43:45: [Public] Gadra: Grinding is so 1999.
20-03-10 15:44:11: [Public] Senki: Oh you meant player levels
20-03-10 15:44:28: [Public] Senki: I was about to go into a long description of the different elevations of the forest and the villages
20-03-10 16:08:32: [Public] Gadra: HMM
20-03-10 16:08:38: [Public] Gadra: .2 is the highest so far
20-03-10 16:08:48: [Public] Achlys: yeah I have seen it at that
20-03-10 16:15:38: [Public] Achlys: oh wait. It did.
20-03-10 16:15:58: [Public] Gadra: Ahh
20-03-10 16:16:04: [Public] Gadra: It isn't tripping me after I move
20-03-10 16:16:20: [Public] Gadra: We're friends now.
20-03-10 16:42:02: [Public] Whipsnipple: Lady testalot dead as hell
20-03-10 17:07:47: [Public] Achlys: back later folks - have fun
20-03-10 17:07:50: [Public] Whipsnipple: Byebye
20-03-11 12:43:11: [Public] Gadra: Oi
20-03-11 14:44:42: [Public] Gadra: What should the road out of Nimroth be called
20-03-11 14:44:50: [Public] Whipsnipple: Nimroad.
20-03-11 14:49:08: [Public] Gadra: I caused an interesting bug
20-03-11 14:49:17: [Public] Gadra: Why is this hella laggy now
20-03-11 14:55:05: [Public] Achlys: still laggy?
20-03-11 14:55:09: [Public] Whipsnipple: Less so
20-03-11 14:55:40: [Public] Achlys: I'll see if I can work out what causes that. I suspect it's when the server restarts and one of thes scripts goes a little crazy loading stuff.
20-03-11 14:55:52: [Public] Achlys: but not sure yet.
20-03-11 14:56:10: [Public] Whipsnipple: Read over the idea for infernal version of liches real quick and tell me if you like it
20-03-11 14:56:20: [Public] Whipsnipple: I'll write the rest of it out if you do and the base sorc class will be done
20-03-11 14:58:11: [Public] Achlys: Bootydick Road?!
20-03-11 14:58:36: [Public] Gadra: I'll let Whipsnipple explain his decisions.
20-03-11 14:58:56: [Public] Whipsnipple: Wait till you see Poopoopeepee Street.
20-03-11 14:59:10: [Public] Achlys: There's a lot of fruit lying around. Someone should collect it up for people that need to eat.
20-03-11 14:59:27: [Public] Gadra: Achlys talking to himself at an altar to himself.
20-03-11 14:59:35: [Public] Gadra: Going Genesis senile real quick
20-03-11 14:59:44: [Public] Whipsnipple: YA GOT THE DOPE?
20-03-11 15:00:09: [Public] Gadra: Could add in a crafting/labours skill to compress it into a longterm dried fruit item
20-03-11 15:00:27: [Public] Achlys: nice idea
20-03-11 15:00:38: [Public] Whipsnipple: You could also make it so I don't need to spawn an avocado to avoid starvation every 30 minutes.
20-03-11 15:00:41: [Public] Whipsnipple: coughcough
20-03-11 15:05:50: [Public] Achlys: ...
20-03-11 15:38:27: [Public] Whipsnipple: Lysaeeeeeeeeeeer
20-03-11 15:58:32: [Public] Gadra: It works
20-03-11 19:38:33: [Public] Achlys: Greetings, Senki.
20-03-11 19:38:51: [Public] Senki: Who are you killing? o_o
20-03-11 19:45:43: [Public] Achlys: um. Nothing.
20-03-11 20:19:33: [Public] Senki: We have a calender ooooh... Are we changing the names?
20-03-11 20:34:25: [Public] Gadra: We should change the names
20-03-11 20:45:03: [Public] Senki: What language have you been using for the names of mountains etc?
20-03-11 20:45:15: [Public] Gadra: Sindarin
20-03-11 20:45:40: [Public] Gadra: and parf edhellen are helpful
20-03-11 21:10:33: [Public] Senki: it bugs me that we can't pick up multiple items XD
20-03-11 21:12:45: [Public] Gadra: Do get 234234 things
20-03-11 21:13:11: [Public] Gadra: That worked previous
20-03-11 21:26:39: [Public] Achlys: hmmmmm
20-03-11 21:29:22: [Public] Gadra: Why is Belegor's stinky temple in my forest.
20-03-11 21:30:43: [Public] Achlys: you can only get 1234 things if things is stackable
20-03-11 21:31:06: [Public] Achlys: so gold etc is stackable. Fruit is not. HOWEVER
20-03-11 21:31:36: [Public] Achlys: I was thinking of a stackable fruit type. So you can um... COLLECT (I think avalon used SCRUMP or something)
20-03-11 21:31:42: [Public] Achlys: to stack them
20-03-11 21:32:04: [Public] Gadra: Pros used sylvan lore to make the trees bend down and hand them the fruit, but sure, peasants did that.
20-03-11 21:32:10: [Public] Senki: GATHER
20-03-11 21:32:49: [Public] Achlys: Dunno. I used to just burn it all
20-03-11 21:44:25: [Public] Gadra: Oh, hey
20-03-11 21:44:33: [Public] Gadra: Are we going to have each city have a king/queen/patron/whatever?
20-03-11 21:44:43: [Public] Senki: An NPC one?
20-03-11 21:44:50: [Public] Gadra: Yeah, like Thandrades.
20-03-11 21:45:35: [Public] Senki: I actually didn't really like the idea of a king that was absent... But I'm good with anything
20-03-11 21:46:03: [Public] Achlys: as long as it's not bugged as hell like yabbabason
20-03-11 21:46:08: [Public] Achlys: *d
20-03-11 21:46:17: [Public] Senki: Where does the D go?
20-03-11 21:46:26: [Public] Senki: Not intended to be dirty, sorry
20-03-11 21:46:26: [Public] Gadra: I'm just asking if we want to have them at all or if we want the players to be king/queen if elected.
20-03-11 21:46:47: [Public] Gadra: Can you imagine the shit talking? "I killed the king of Nimroth."
20-03-11 21:46:56: [Public] Achlys: King/Queen NPC's, yes.
20-03-11 21:47:20: [Public] Gadra: Electing someone to prince is weird.
20-03-11 21:47:39: [Public] Achlys: but player elected Prince etc... actually I always liked the idea of alternative government types.
20-03-11 21:47:40: [Public] Senki: And bothersome.... In a quiet game, anyway
20-03-11 21:48:09: [Public] Gadra: Parrius had no prince and was governed by us barons and Elmaethor for a while. It was great.
20-03-11 21:48:11: [Public] Senki: I'm heading off to bed, night night you two
20-03-11 21:48:15: [Public] Gadra: Night
20-03-11 21:48:22: [Public] Achlys: You could change from autocracy to republic by killing the king/queen
20-03-11 21:48:27: [Public] Achlys: night senki
20-03-11 22:07:14: [Public] Achlys: autocracy as in... maybe a family of NPC's, initially.
20-03-11 22:07:30: [Public] Gadra: King of Nimroth is gay, fight me
20-03-11 22:07:38: [Public] Achlys: nah it's fine.
20-03-11 22:08:29: [Public] Achlys: We can overthrow him and take over anyway.
20-03-11 22:08:45: [Public] Gadra: Only another gay may take his place. It's a gayarchy.
20-03-11 22:15:53: [Public] Paladius: hello?
20-03-11 22:15:56: [Public] Gadra: hi hi.
20-03-11 22:16:04: [Public] Achlys: evening.
20-03-11 22:16:33: [Public] Achlys: You've not created a character.
20-03-11 22:16:54: [Public] Paladius: I am getting an error when I try. nonetype object has no attribute check_permstring
20-03-11 22:17:13: [Public] Achlys: ooh. Let me try.
20-03-11 22:17:57: [Public] Paladius: I did try and name my character the same as my account name.
20-03-11 22:18:53: [Public] Achlys: got it - give me a moment to fix.
20-03-11 22:19:00: [Public] Paladius: ok
20-03-11 22:19:32: [Public] Paladius: I assume some folks in here are the same as on the discord?
20-03-11 22:21:07: [Public] Achlys: I'm Lysaer on the avalon server
20-03-11 22:21:36: [Public] Paladius: Hi, I'm not sure if we ever crossed paths in the game, its been few years for me
20-03-11 22:23:07: [Public] Achlys: type IC Paladus
20-03-11 22:23:13: [Public] Achlys: It should work now
20-03-11 22:24:15: [Public] Paladius: says my character already exists
20-03-11 22:24:34: [Public] Achlys: make sure you IC Paladius. Not charcreate
20-03-11 22:24:56: [Public] Paladius: probably because I was using paladius, I'll rename
20-03-11 22:25:42: [Public] Brightblade: of course I see a version of paladius in my location now.  strange.
20-03-11 22:26:14: [Public] Achlys: yes all the characters you tried were actually made.
20-03-11 22:26:25: [Public] Brightblade: whoops, sorry
20-03-11 22:26:32: [Public] Achlys: No problem
20-03-11 22:30:19: [Public] Brightblade: how do I switch my character?
20-03-11 22:31:42: [Public] Gadra: Uhhh
20-03-11 22:31:50: [Public] Brightblade: Also, I volunteered to contribute some ideas on the knight class.  I have some questions first, are those best asked here, in #gamedev or somewhere else?
20-03-11 22:32:02: [Public] Whipsnipple: DM Mnemugg or Faelynn
20-03-11 22:32:18: [Public] Gadra: You can discuss here as well. We're both here.
20-03-11 22:32:31: [Public] Gadra: You'd just relog to change character.
20-03-11 22:33:50: [Public] Brightblade: Looks like the the other chars I made aren't mine to play.  I'll stick with this one.
20-03-11 22:35:35: [Public] Brightblade: So first of all, what kind of scope are you looking for on the knight fantasy?  A few paragraphs? A few pages? Are you more interested in flavor/lore or should I be considering mechanics?  How close to cannon do you want it? Exactly the same? My interpretation?
20-03-11 22:36:32: [Public] Whipsnipple: When I was writing the sorcerer I wrote their abilities first and once I'd written all their spells out, the class fantasy was there.
20-03-11 22:36:54: [Public] Whipsnipple: Necromancy demonic magic and demonology, they feel dark and chaotic.
20-03-11 22:37:06: [Public] Whipsnipple: So if you get your skill lines out of the way and some notable abilities, you should have a sense of what the class is about.
20-03-11 22:37:27: [Public] Gadra: Doesn't have to be exactly like Avalon but the same kind of person who liked a knight in Avalon should recognize a few things and enjoy playing a knight here.
20-03-11 22:38:29: [Public] Gadra: You can start by defining ability tries and a few abilities that capture the core gameplay, then flesh them out. Or a few paragraphs about what the class's themes are and how it should feel. Whatever works for you.
20-03-11 22:38:35: [Public] Gadra: Ability trees*
20-03-11 22:39:08: [Public] Brightblade: Is the thought that basics of the skill system is the same as avalon?
20-03-11 22:39:31: [Public] Brightblade: so 4 'class' skills and new abilities every so many ranks/lessons?
20-03-11 22:41:24: [Public] Gadra: Yes, though you can just put them under the appropriate skills and we'll sort out when exactly they should be learned later.
20-03-11 22:41:36: [Public] Brightblade: makes sense
20-03-11 22:42:06: [Public] Brightblade: are other classes matching the skill names exaclty or should I alter them slightly
20-03-11 22:42:44: [Public] Whipsnipple: No. I basically re-wrote the sorcerer class.
20-03-11 22:42:49: [Public] Whipsnipple: With inspiration from Avalon.
20-03-11 22:42:58: [Public] Brightblade: got it
20-03-11 22:43:14: [Public] Whipsnipple: Think of what you'd like a knight to be.
20-03-11 22:43:35: [Public] Chaos: I like a little Chaos.
20-03-11 22:44:13: [Public] Chaos: night folks. Discord if you want stuff tomorrow.
20-03-11 22:44:22: [Public] Gadra: I want stuff.
20-03-11 22:44:31: [Public] Chaos: TOMORROW.
20-03-11 22:51:03: [Public] Whipsnipple: That imp trips you ALOT.
20-03-11 22:51:09: [Public] Gadra: This imp is greedy for zaps
20-03-11 23:11:41: [Public] Brightblade: I got some initial thoughts, down.  I'd like to think on skills a bit more.  What is the best way to share, make sure I am on the right track?
20-03-11 23:23:36: [Public] Gadra: You could share a link to a google document or a pastebin.
20-03-11 23:52:36: [Public] Gadra: Going to make dinner, but you can paste a link in here whenever. I'm idle in here most of the time and can get it from the log.
20-03-11 23:54:50: [Public] Brightblade: ok thanks, I was away for a bit
20-03-11 23:55:02: [Public] Brightblade: here is a link to what I have so far:
20-03-11 23:57:19: [Public] Gadra: Interesting stuff. I'll pass that around to the others. We're around muuuuch more earlier in the day than later. Probably will just be me for the rest of the night. Anyway, be back later.
20-03-12 00:00:24: [Public] Brightblade: I will put some thought into skills if you think I am on the right track, I am interested in helping but want to make sure I am working in alignment with your goals.
20-03-12 00:00:50: [Public] Brightblade: I could be more verbose as well, if that is desired.
20-03-12 00:01:04: [Public] Brightblade: either way I'm away for a bit, ill bbl
20-03-12 01:03:18: [Public] Gadra: Yeah, I like what you wrote. I think it fits with what would be expected of a knight. And we had bandied around the idea of chivalric orders. So feel free to start on skills. You can copy over and reflavor some of the stuff from Avalon that you think is essential, reskin other abilities, come up with cool stuff you thought the class should have had.
20-03-12 01:04:11: [Public] Gadra: Come to think of it, I don't think most of us have even see the knight's skill lists. If you want to paste the overview that comes up when you type AB CHIVALRY or whatever toward the bottom, that'd be interesting. I have no idea what knights already learn in Av beyond a few common abilities.
20-03-12 02:23:52: [Public] Brightblade: I added some the old skills to the bottom of the document.
20-03-12 02:25:05: [Public] Gadra: Cool, thanks
20-03-12 03:10:42: [Public] Brightblade: about how many folks are contributing here?
20-03-12 03:30:48: [Public] Brightblade: Well, time for me to turn in.  I updated the knight doc quite a bit.  Will jump into skills tomorrow.
20-03-12 11:25:24: [Public] Achlys: Someone has doodled a phallic shape on the ground here.
20-03-12 11:25:31: [Public] Achlys: o.O
20-03-12 12:18:17: [Public] Brightblade: good morning
20-03-12 12:44:49: [Public] Gadra: Morning
20-03-12 12:53:55: [Public] Brightblade: where can I find some food?
20-03-12 16:44:22: [Public] Achlys: almost 1000 fruits lying around.
20-03-12 16:44:31: [Public] Whipsnipple: Do I look like a fruit picker
20-03-12 16:44:35: [Public] Achlys: yes.
20-03-12 16:44:37: [Public] Whipsnipple: I made an entire swamp for you today.
20-03-12 16:44:41: [Public] Whipsnipple: For your nasty sorcerer self.
20-03-12 16:44:53: [Public] Achlys: Ok i'll let you off then.
20-03-12 17:21:16: [Public] Achlys: I'm seeing more bugs with that uppercasing thing
20-03-12 17:21:28: [Public] Achlys: something to do with lock?
20-03-12 17:22:11: [Public] Achlys: without a door? or with?
20-03-12 17:39:22: [Public] Gadra: Someone make a haystack for this needle.
20-03-12 17:39:24: [Public] Gadra: Eheh.
20-03-12 18:15:14: [Public] Achlys: ah hah! I win this round, django.
20-03-12 18:16:52: [Public] Gadra: Why can't I order the sushi I normally order ugh
20-03-12 18:17:00: [Public] Gadra: Why is life in the first world so hard
20-03-12 18:17:37: [Public] Gadra: You get the quest thingums working?
20-03-12 18:23:07: [Public] Achlys: The admin side, yeah
20-03-12 18:24:13: [Public] Achlys: just need to hook up the mud side. Then the basics will work... then dream up something that lets it set and examine state on other objects.
20-03-12 19:42:14: [Public] Gadra: Why these apples not making seeds.
20-03-12 20:28:25: [Public] Achlys: raa
20-03-12 20:28:35: [Public] Gadra: rah rah ah ah ah
20-03-12 20:28:50: [Public] Senki: I won't lie, I had the same intro in my head as Gadra >.<
20-03-12 20:29:07: [Public] Achlys: lady gaga?
20-03-12 20:29:26: [Public] Senki: I think so. It's the start of a bad romance
20-03-12 20:29:45: [Public] Gadra: Yep.
20-03-12 20:29:57: [Public] Achlys: Kk.
20-03-12 20:29:59: [Public] Gadra: Rah rah ah ah ah. Roma roma ma. Ga ga ooh la la. Want your bad romance.
20-03-12 20:30:31: [Public] Gadra: So.
20-03-12 20:30:42: [Public] Senki: So?
20-03-12 20:30:53: [Public] Gadra: If I make new trees and seed and fruits in the olc, I could theoretically put it all together so it spawns and fruits and drops things independently, right?
20-03-12 20:33:33: [Public] Achlys: Yep
20-03-12 20:34:19: [Public] Achlys: That's how blood trees work
20-03-12 20:34:46: [Public] Achlys: it 'fruits' blood.
20-03-12 20:34:54: [Public] Achlys: Delicious.
20-03-12 20:34:55: [Public] Gadra: Hot.
20-03-12 20:35:36: [Public] Gadra: Did you perhaps bake {emoter} and {target} into on_greet and such.
20-03-12 20:37:17: [Public] Achlys: sup?
20-03-12 21:17:18: [Public] Senki: Bah
20-03-12 21:17:23: [Public] Achlys: STUPID SPIDER
20-03-12 21:17:34: [Public] Senki: How am I a SPIDER???
20-03-12 21:17:48: [Public] Gadra: He's just taking his impotent rage out on you.
20-03-12 21:17:49: [Public] Achlys: not you.
20-03-12 21:18:33: [Public] Senki: Some people offer compensation for all their hard work, you know. Not sure zapping equates to "fair compensation" at all!
20-03-12 21:18:44: [Public] Achlys: <3
20-03-12 21:19:17: [Public] Senki: Crystal hearts can't fool me
20-03-12 21:19:19: [Public] Achlys: I'll work it out. Some people might die. It happens.
20-03-12 21:23:10: [Public] Serethipas: Hello
20-03-12 21:23:29: [Public] Senki: Oh hi! Welcome to the realm!!
20-03-12 21:23:40: [Public] Serethipas: Everyone should know me
20-03-12 21:34:13: [Public] Senki: So I'm a sixth of the way though describing the Southern (Lower) Asgarros! Just five-sixths left to write and then onto the northern (upper) Asgarros!
20-03-12 21:44:00: [Public] Gadra: Yes, it's a big forest.
20-03-12 21:44:12: [Public] Gadra: It could stand to lose a few rooms really.
20-03-12 21:45:50: [Public] Senki: NO! It's a forest! It must be vast
20-03-12 21:55:28: [Public] Brightblade: greets
20-03-12 21:55:52: [Public] Senki: Hello, Brightblade. Welcome to the realm!!
20-03-12 22:00:38: [Public] Brightblade: how much has been built out here yet, is just a map right now?
20-03-12 22:04:54: [Public] Gadra: Uh
20-03-12 22:05:12: [Public] Gadra: Not sure exactly what you're asking
20-03-12 22:06:00: [Public] Gadra: There are the beginnings of some skills, quests, objects that spawn other objects (like trees dropping fruit, fruit sometimes leaving seeds), time.
20-03-12 22:06:04: [Public] Brightblade: What I mean is what subsystems have been implemented?  Are there quests, general skills, shops?
20-03-12 22:06:24: [Public] Brightblade: nice, where should I look for some quests
20-03-12 22:06:30: [Public] Gadra: Yeah, there's quests. I added I think 4 quests yesterday. And Lysaer's currently working on a way for me to make more complicated quests.
20-03-12 22:07:13: [Public] Gadra: Not a lot of skills right now. Demonology went in a few days ago and the first 2 demons. There's a few charming abilities.
20-03-12 22:07:35: [Public] Brightblade: Is lysaer the only programmer?  With everyone else contributing to the content?
20-03-12 22:08:13: [Public] Gadra: Peony also does some code but it's mostly Lysaer coding.
20-03-12 22:08:50: [Public] Gadra: Astrea works on the starting island. The mainland map's pretty much all me and Senki, Peony, and Whipsnipple contribute descriptions.
20-03-12 22:09:34: [Public] Brightblade: I'd be willing to help out, if you are looking for more help.  I'm not the most experienced in python, but I am capable.
20-03-12 22:09:43: [Public] Brightblade: need to run to dinner for now, ttyl
20-03-12 22:09:50: [Public] Gadra: I'll tell Lysaer and see what he says. Later.
20-03-12 22:10:21: [Public] Brightblade: for what its worth, wandering around the mainland feels good.  Reminds me of avalon.
20-03-12 22:10:34: [Public] Gadra: Glad to hear it!
20-03-12 22:11:03: [Public] Senki: "Feels good" I had this same experience
20-03-12 22:27:11: [Public] Gadra: Afk a bit.
20-03-12 22:30:07: [Public] Achlys: did I miss Serethipas?
20-03-12 22:30:11: [Public] Gadra: Yes.
20-03-12 22:30:17: [Public] Gadra: He wasn't on very long though
20-03-12 22:30:30: [Public] Achlys: Oltravar might appear
20-03-12 22:30:41: [Public] Gadra: Hmm
20-03-12 22:31:58: [Public] Gadra: Well. Maybe I won't go afk if we're trying to impress people.
20-03-12 22:33:28: [Public] Brightblade: I'm back
20-03-12 22:33:32: [Public] Achlys: hihi
20-03-12 22:34:00: [Public] Achlys: stop yawning
20-03-12 22:34:23: [Public] Achlys: PEER
20-03-12 22:35:06: [Public] Senki: I don't think I've ever seen Gadra announce going AFK before going AFK before.....
20-03-12 22:35:36: [Public] Senki: Flippin pesky gods no matter which realm you're in
20-03-12 22:35:44: [Public] Brightblade: I am yet to find fruit, where abouts is the fruit
20-03-12 22:36:16: [Public] Senki: Try type: TEL/LOC ASGARROS then type ASGARROS, then look north
20-03-12 22:38:15: [Public] Senki: I like the II being boxed
20-03-12 22:38:35: [Public] Achlys: and no numbers...
20-03-12 22:38:50: [Public] Senki: No numbers means no quest hints though *pouts*
20-03-13 14:11:16: [Public] Whipsnipple: LYSAER
20-03-13 14:11:19: [Public] Whipsnipple: IT BROKE AGAIN
20-03-13 14:35:15: [Public] Gadra: buh
20-03-13 14:35:22: [Public] Achlys: mm?
20-03-13 14:35:55: [Public] Gadra: What was broken?
20-03-13 14:36:10: [Public] Achlys: oh just a thing.
20-03-13 15:15:44: [Public] Whipsnipple: LYSAER WHAT IS THE NAME OF OUR DEATH GOD
20-03-13 15:15:48: [Public] Whipsnipple: INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT
20-03-13 15:15:55: [Public] Achlys: hmm
20-03-13 15:16:58: [Public] Gadra: An ancient sign from the dark years of Achlys, the god of blood: a human desanguinated within a ritual circle.
20-03-13 15:17:40: [Public] Gadra: Keyword could be "blood seal" and you could hide references in the help files or whatever.
20-03-13 15:18:19: [Public] Gadra: but sure death god fine
20-03-13 15:18:38: [Public] Achlys: looking at the names of death gods in other cultures.
20-03-13 15:18:44: [Public] Whipsnipple: Can our death god be a woman?
20-03-13 15:18:51: [Public] Whipsnipple: It's never a woman.
20-03-13 15:18:56: [Public] Achlys: And I am not even kidding: Immortal Wang.
20-03-13 15:19:07: [Public] Gadra: Evil god or the more neutral, gentle death kind of death god
20-03-13 15:19:18: [Public] Gadra: It's never not a total dick in muds
20-03-13 15:19:27: [Public] Whipsnipple: Chaotic neutral.
20-03-13 15:19:29: [Public] Gadra: Something like that Raven Queen would be kinda cool.
20-03-13 15:19:33: [Public] Achlys: death doesn't have to be evil.
20-03-13 15:19:38: [Public] Whipsnipple: Doesn't care who dies but wants people dead ya feel
20-03-13 15:19:50: [Public] Whipsnipple: Morana, the Raven Queen?
20-03-13 15:19:59: [Public] Whipsnipple: Goddess of death and shadows idk
20-03-13 15:20:05: [Public] Achlys: nice. I like it.
20-03-13 15:20:07: [Public] Gadra: Death and the Undead
20-03-13 15:20:11: [Public] Whipsnipple: yes
20-03-13 15:20:14: [Public] Whipsnipple: Death and the Undead
20-03-13 15:20:33: [Public] Gadra: Satsuki is in ecstasy somewhere.
20-03-13 15:20:41: [Public] Whipsnipple: don't say that qq
20-03-13 15:21:06: [Public] Gadra: She loves a woman death god.
20-03-13 15:21:28: [Public] Whipsnipple: She should be an obscure goddess that only the most devout necromancers know about though. The real death goddess. And we can have some lame dude be the death god everyone knows?
20-03-13 15:21:32: [Public] Whipsnipple: Or is that super not feminist
20-03-13 15:21:41: [Public] Gadra: Not feminist.
20-03-13 15:21:43: [Public] Whipsnipple: Let's call him cornelius?
20-03-13 15:22:03: [Public] Whipsnipple: Maybe everyone just worships death as an abstract concept
20-03-13 15:22:03: [Public] Achlys: Oh I like that. Have an NPC that's just out there in the open. Plot twist - god of death.
20-03-13 15:22:17: [Public] Gadra: Death, god of death.
20-03-13 15:22:27: [Public] Whipsnipple: Well
20-03-13 15:22:32: [Public] Whipsnipple: I had an idea for a swamp witch
20-03-13 15:22:35: [Public] Whipsnipple: South of the tomb
20-03-13 15:22:38: [Public] Whipsnipple: She could be the NPC?
20-03-13 15:22:58: [Public] Gadra: Sick idea.
20-03-13 15:23:02: [Public] Gadra: Remember the long night?
20-03-13 15:23:13: [Public] Gadra: A quest to reinstate Morana as the goddess of death.
20-03-13 15:23:18: [Public] Whipsnipple: yes that's
20-03-13 15:23:20: [Public] Whipsnipple: exactly
20-03-13 15:23:23: [Public] Whipsnipple: my train of thought
20-03-13 15:23:34: [Public] Whipsnipple: Maybe she's been tied to the mortal realm somehow
20-03-13 15:23:40: [Public] Gadra: And if there's a player god of death they get banished like hyperion lmfao
20-03-13 15:23:51: [Public] Whipsnipple: But then become Morana to avoid hurt buttholes
20-03-13 15:23:57: [Public] Whipsnipple: Actually no
20-03-13 15:24:01: [Public] Whipsnipple: Fuck that hypothetical guy
20-03-13 15:24:04: [Public] Whipsnipple: They get dethroned
20-03-13 15:29:14: [Public] Whipsnipple: Why don't I have permission to edit my own entrance EYEROLL
20-03-13 15:42:39: [Public] Peony: Why are there
20-03-13 15:42:43: [Public] Peony: Ninety one apples here
20-03-13 15:42:46: [Public] Whipsnipple: Fixing my spooky ghost door.
20-03-13 15:42:50: [Public] Whipsnipple: Oh
20-03-13 15:49:45: [Public] Gadra: Oh Aaaaachlys
20-03-13 15:50:04: [Public] Gadra: I've got a nice buggy room for you
20-03-13 16:04:27: [Public] Whipsnipple: Oh lysaeeeer
20-03-13 16:29:31: [Public] Whipsnipple: I would like you to come to the door again and experience the tomb in it's full nasty glory thank you.
20-03-13 16:44:18: [Public] Achlys: well. Fixed the trees - but I have NO IDEA how they got born dates set like that
20-03-13 16:58:50: [Public] Achlys: Multi on_emote messages should work again. Let me know if not.
20-03-13 19:24:00: [Public] Gadra: Buh
20-03-13 19:24:20: [Public] Gadra: I return, allegedly refreshed
20-03-14 02:18:40: [Public] Gadra: You were starving.
20-03-14 02:19:11: [Public] Oltravar: Haha. Didn't realise hunger would be a thing yet! What a muppet I am.
20-03-14 02:19:49: [Public] Gadra: Death doesn't really do anything yet so it's not a huge deal, but yeah.
20-03-14 02:20:44: [Public] Gadra: alezandir = Any foreigner would think handsome Alezandir the king of the royal pair. He is all scars and broad shoulders, with a rumbling voice that thunders even when he whispers. Powerful and unafraid, he is his king's blade in battle.
20-03-14 02:20:52: [Public] Gadra: woops
20-03-14 02:21:27: [Public] Gadra: definitely not the right command to set a description
20-03-14 02:25:23: [Public] Gadra: You seen much of the mud?
20-03-14 02:26:41: [Public] Oltravar: Not yet. Had a brief look at what someone else was doing, but that's all.
20-03-14 16:11:13: [Public] Achlys: so much fruiit
20-03-15 17:43:00: [Public] Peony: Yo, anyone else see "None" echo upon joining the game?
20-03-15 19:16:29: [Public] Achlys: ( . )( . )
20-03-15 19:20:01: [Public] Peony: Scandalous!
20-03-15 19:20:38: [Public] Peony: Oh hey, we noticed that on log in people were seeing 'None' echoed
20-03-15 19:25:26: [Public] Achlys: yeah I noticed that. Not sure what it is yet. I'll find it.
20-03-15 19:30:15: [Public] Gadra: boobies
20-03-15 19:33:42: [Public] Peony: Oh Achlys
20-03-15 19:33:55: [Public] Peony: Did you have a chance to look at my merge req? Just changing up the time messages
20-03-15 19:34:09: [Public] Peony: Some of them are better than others, I figure we'll trim them/add to them as people have ideas
20-03-15 19:38:05: [Public] Peony: If we want the messages to be the same each day that's fine too I just figured we'd want to move away from the avalon ones
20-03-15 19:38:40: [Public] Gadra: Changing them away from the Avalon ones is definitely a good idea.
20-03-15 19:55:44: [Public] Achlys: EYES. Not boobies.
20-03-15 19:55:50: [Public] Gadra: Uh-huh.
20-03-15 19:56:07: [Public] Achlys: (. )(. )
20-03-15 19:56:09: [Public] Gadra: That's what they all say.
20-03-15 19:56:18: [Public] Achlys: ( .)( .)
20-03-15 19:57:18: [Public] Gadra: Seems like the randmove isn't happening again
20-03-15 21:28:50: [Public] Achlys: ffs
20-03-15 21:29:02: [Public] Gadra: whAT
20-03-15 21:29:27: [Public] Peony: What's wrong?
20-03-15 22:13:52: [Public] Peony: I'm being followed by invisible hounds.
20-03-16 18:42:33: [Public] Achlys: well
20-03-16 18:42:37: [Public] Gadra: Myes?
20-03-16 18:42:42: [Public] Achlys: good news is there's no more fruit in limbo
20-03-16 18:42:50: [Public] Gadra: What's the bad news?
20-03-16 18:42:55: [Public] Achlys: bad news is there's almost 3000 fruits everywhere else.
20-03-16 18:43:00: [Public] Gadra: Jeez.
20-03-16 18:43:22: [Public] Gadra: Those trees are waaaay too active.
20-03-17 08:05:57: [Public] Gadra: Nice, we're back. And back to bed with me.
20-03-17 18:58:04: [Public] Achlys: I GO CRAZY
20-03-17 19:16:58: [Public] Gadra: Buh.
20-03-17 19:17:03: [Public] Gadra: I put a roast in the oven.
20-03-18 23:47:25: [Public] Gadra: She could, in theory.
20-03-19 19:08:54: [Public] Senki: Hello?
20-03-19 19:09:26: [Public] Senki: Okay I'm back in business
20-03-19 19:17:18: [Public] Senki: Oh hello
20-03-19 19:17:36: [Public] Senki: Just renaming rooms to remind myself of what I want described in them
20-03-19 19:25:50: [Public] Chaos: only yechnically.
20-03-19 19:25:55: [Public] Chaos: technically.
20-03-19 19:26:09: [Public] Gadra: Yechnically.
20-03-19 19:26:23: [Public] Chaos: shhh
20-03-19 19:26:49: [Public] Gadra: It'd be weird if I changed my name and adopted a domain. It'd be so weird!
20-03-19 19:26:52: [Public] Gadra: Don't be weird.
20-03-19 19:28:29: [Public] Chaos: Ordered a new chair. WFH is breaking my back.
20-03-19 19:29:17: [Public] Gadra: Do the exercise.
20-03-19 19:29:40: [Public] Chaos: the exercise?
20-03-19 19:30:15: [Public] Gadra: Those exercises people are always doing. The squatting, the lunging, the stretching. All of that stuff.
20-03-19 19:41:16: [Public] Whipsnipple: The pooping.
20-03-19 19:41:25: [Public] Whipsnipple: #neverforget
20-03-19 19:46:12: [Public] Senki: The... pooping?
20-03-20 21:14:57: [Public] Senki: Hello Peony!
20-03-20 22:07:29: [Public] Senki: Did you just use me as a telepoint?
20-03-21 17:49:35: [Public] Gadra: That room buggy
20-03-21 17:49:44: [Public] Peony: Something went horribly wrong
20-03-21 17:49:53: [Public] Gadra: This room makes big error when I talk
20-03-21 17:50:49: [Public] Gadra: Weird
20-03-21 17:51:58: [Public] Gadra: What the hell is this weird error
20-03-21 17:52:50: [Public] Gadra: Helloooo?
20-03-21 17:53:00: [Public] Peony: Who, me?
20-03-21 17:53:17: [Public] Gadra: Did you also get an error talking in here? And you're literally the only other person online.
20-03-21 17:53:20: [Public] Peony: Oh lol
20-03-21 17:53:23: [Public] Peony: I was write desc
20-03-21 17:53:29: [Public] Peony: Yeah I got same thing
20-03-21 17:53:33: [Public] Gadra: Weird
20-03-21 17:53:38: [Public] Gadra: Room is cursed
20-03-21 17:53:44: [Public] Peony: Well if you read error
20-03-21 17:53:59: [Public] Gadra: I did read the error. It's gibberish.
20-03-21 17:54:01: [Public] Peony: Problem is on looker.account.attributes.get because nonetype has no attribute 'attributes'
20-03-21 17:54:13: [Public] Gadra: Wow, makes so much sense.
20-03-21 17:54:44: [Public] Peony: I assume it's bc he changed something relating to account attributes so they don't exist when the room checks for them
20-03-21 17:55:01: [Public] Peony: I mean nonetype is just saying "thing not found" basically
20-03-21 17:55:14: [Public] Gadra: Why this room in particular
20-03-21 17:55:27: [Public] Peony: Probably because granny is part of changed typeclass? sentient or npc?
20-03-21 17:55:30: [Public] Gadra: Ah, I see. It's happening in any room with esentients
20-03-21 17:55:32: [Public] Gadra: SENTIENTS
20-03-21 17:55:46: [Public] Gadra: Yeah. Animals, sentients, npcs.
20-03-21 17:55:55: [Public] Gadra: Gross.
20-03-21 17:56:01: [Public] Peony: See the "if isinstance(looker, Sentient)" line
20-03-21 17:56:08: [Public] Peony: It's saying, if the looker is Sentient then thing
20-03-21 17:56:13: [Public] Peony: But probably sentient is different now
20-03-21 18:16:57: [Public] Peony: I fucked
20-03-21 18:17:01: [Public] Peony: I fucked this room up?
20-03-21 18:17:07: [Public] Peony: Or maybe just myself
20-03-21 18:17:07: [Public] Gadra: dude did
20-03-21 18:17:10: [Public] Gadra: Because he's a dude
20-03-21 18:17:15: [Public] Gadra: And using the buggy typeclass
20-03-21 20:09:52: [Public] Senki: Hello lovelies! I'm going to smash some descriptions now. Boo-yah!
20-03-23 00:21:14: [Public] Senki: Ah thanks!
20-03-23 00:21:21: [Public] Senki: I quite liked being dead though
20-03-23 21:59:07: [Public] Chaos: (.)(.)
20-03-23 21:59:56: [Public] Gadra: boobies
20-03-23 22:00:36: [Public] Gadra: HELP UPDATES
20-03-23 22:15:26: [Public] Chaos: ooh nice help. I will put stuff in #updates as and when. Eventually I'll automate it.
20-03-24 01:18:14: [Public] Senki: Hey Gadra!
20-03-24 01:18:30: [Public] Gadra: Hi.
20-03-24 01:18:59: [Public] Senki: Did we have a lake here?
20-03-24 02:14:04: [Public] Senki: I'll probably be back in about 2 hours
20-03-24 02:14:09: [Public] Senki: Byee!
20-03-24 14:46:44: [Public] Senki: Oooh 3/6
20-03-24 14:46:51: [Public] Gadra: Myes.
20-03-24 14:51:10: [Public] Gadra: Think I'm going to rearrange the river.
20-03-24 14:51:16: [Public] Gadra: I've decided I hate it.
20-03-24 14:51:54: [Public] Senki: EEP!
20-03-24 14:52:19: [Public] Senki: I"ve only included it in one or two descriptions here, so I'll just check on them when you're done
20-03-24 14:53:30: [Public] Gadra: It's still going to be basically where it is, I'm just going to change the shape of it and how it connects to the surrounding rooms I think.
20-03-24 14:53:44: [Public] Gadra: Only in the lower Asgarros, it's fine in the north.
20-03-24 15:48:34: [Public] Senki: Beware of the splinters
20-03-26 03:19:43: [Public] Gadra: Ah
20-03-26 03:19:53: [Public] Gadra: He moved that out of Animals and into the Object typeclass
20-03-26 03:20:01: [Public] Gadra: If you set their typeclass to object, it works
20-03-26 18:01:31: [Public] Chaos: Hey Charalamane
20-03-26 18:03:24: [Public] Charlamane: Howdy chaos!
20-03-26 18:04:05: [Public] Chaos: Weird. I might actually have some time now to work on this. Initial chaos of WFH and sorting All The Things seems to have quietened down now.
20-03-26 18:04:37: [Public] Charlamane: Go on out and kill it then!
20-03-26 18:06:08: [Public] Charlamane: I'm wandering and making roads while you build a universe. This must be why all the lesser beings get jealous in the myths.
20-03-26 18:08:08: [Public] Chaos: it's not that glamorous.
20-03-26 18:09:54: [Public] Charlamane: I like to imagine it is. It's why the whole fight happens. imagination versus reality, within imagination.
20-03-26 18:10:48: [Public] Chaos: How are you liking it here so far? I tried to get the avalon feel... and then layer on the twists and turns...
20-03-26 18:12:45: [Public] Charlamane: It has a fantasy vibe that is akin to avalon-- that kinda tolkein-esque vibe of high blended fantasy. But I think its becoming its own beast thats wholly unique, and I like it a lot.
20-03-26 18:16:32: [Public] Charlamane: Are you enjoying making your own realm?
20-03-26 18:25:01: [Public] Gadra: Chaos speaks.
20-03-26 18:26:20: [Public] Charlamane: Gadra, my mysterious muse, my wanderlusted wonder, my cherubic cherry-- I added more to the drive for that road.
20-03-26 18:27:07: [Public] Gadra: Have you now?
20-03-26 18:27:39: [Public] Gadra: I'll take a look in a bit. I'm playing Teamfight Tactics and being upset at RNG.
20-03-26 18:28:10: [Public] Charlamane: Yeah. I'm somewhat becoming addicted to making this place have the best roads. A regular old Musselini. King of prawns and on time roads.
20-03-26 18:30:15: [Public] Gadra: I put edited versions of your first 3 or so in but can go back and replace a few of the duplicates
20-03-26 18:30:47: [Public] Gadra: I'd recommend running around the mainland. That starter island is all Mysterin and is a no touching zone.
20-03-26 18:31:03: [Public] Gadra: Anything you make will be out here.
20-03-26 18:31:55: [Public] Charlamane: Yeet me over
20-03-26 19:13:47: [Public] Chaos: well. You can't eat people any more. That was a bit *too* much.
20-03-26 19:14:16: [Public] Charlamane: Why can't a god eat people?!
20-03-26 19:14:49: [Public] Chaos: well. I mean... It could. I suppose rather than delete it could set location to None. Just in case *think*
20-03-26 19:15:59: [Public] Charlamane: Or make it their belly.
20-03-26 19:15:59: [Public] Gadra: Should just be a different god kill
20-03-26 19:16:06: [Public] Charlamane: Or that.
20-03-26 19:16:31: [Public] Gadra: Go all Saturn on them
20-03-26 19:17:05: [Public] Chaos: huh... yeah could do actually. alternative zap.
20-03-26 19:17:11: [Public] Charlamane: Gnashing of teeth and the shattering of limbs.
20-03-26 19:17:22: [Public] Chaos: eeny meeny miny mortal...
20-03-26 19:17:25: [Public] Charlamane: God's should have their own zaps based off realm.
20-03-26 19:17:30: [Public] Charlamane: Hit me with it!
20-03-26 19:28:30: [Public] Charlamane: Break it again! Break it again!
20-03-26 19:31:01: [Public] Chaos: looks like a core bug rather then me. Of course.
20-03-26 19:31:23: [Public] Chaos: well. Whipsnipple doesn't break it.
20-03-26 21:18:51: [Public] Chaos: hmm. Still 260 fruit. That's still a lot.
20-03-26 21:20:15: [Public] Chaos: ok growing still not working properly.
20-03-27 18:32:19: [Public] Gadra: I have a dream
20-03-27 18:32:27: [Public] Gadra: A dream of us converting to microsoft onenote
20-03-27 18:32:40: [Public] Peony: Um...
20-03-27 18:33:39: [Public] Charlamane: No.
20-03-27 18:33:56: [Public] Gadra: It's a good dream
20-03-27 18:34:05: [Public] Gadra: Onenote has, how do you say, tabs.
20-03-27 18:34:09: [Public] Gadra: Tabs are wonderful
20-03-27 18:34:51: [Public] Charlamane: I can't here you over the sound of me making a sewer.
20-03-27 18:35:05: [Public] Charlamane: It must be because your idea belongs here with me.
20-03-27 18:35:11: [Public] Peony: I like this one
20-03-27 18:35:27: [Public] Charlamane: I hope the game crashes
20-03-27 18:35:37: [Public] Charlamane: Damnit he fixed it
20-03-27 19:14:28: [Public] Peony: Gadra ate a baby kitten
20-03-27 19:14:38: [Public] Peony: SAVE THE CATS (from shawn)
20-03-27 19:41:33: [Public] Charlamane: How do I describe myself?
20-03-28 01:00:01: [Public] Chaos P
20-03-28 01:00:06: [Public] Chaos:P
20-03-28 01:00:20: [Public] Charlamane: Double send
20-03-28 01:00:23: [Public] Charlamane: Weak
20-03-29 00:00:38: [Public] Senki: Help. Grammar is doing me in. "The smell of spruce needles and cedar sap seems to be stronger FROM/TOWARD the south-west"?
20-03-29 00:02:40: [Public] Peony: I like "from"
20-03-29 00:02:54: [Public] Peony: But maybe also "The smell of spruce needles and cedar sap is stronger to the southwest"? "to"?
20-03-29 00:02:57: [Public] Peony: I wouldn't say "toward"
20-03-29 00:08:12: [Public] Senki: I agree with to rather than toward. I've got it as from, but it tickles my mind, so I needed confirmation
20-03-29 13:12:40: [Public] Chaos: oh - for a map - type MOVING MAP
20-03-29 13:12:53: [Public] Chaos: and PUB to talk on here.
20-03-29 13:13:08: [Public] Chaos: (intro also in progress that will talk about all that)
20-03-30 16:10:45: [Public] Gadra: Ooo, updates.
20-03-30 16:26:31: [Public] Chaos: someone send me a tell plz?
20-03-30 16:41:22: [Public] Gadra: Help peony is being useless
20-03-30 16:41:33: [Public] Peony: Nobody can help with that
20-03-30 16:51:12: [Public] Whipsnipple: YOURE FUCKING RIGHT
20-03-30 16:51:16: [Public] Whipsnipple: WHAT THE FUCK IS A WINTERBERRY
20-03-30 16:51:16: [Public] Gadra: He mentioned adding some more detail to it the other day.
20-03-30 16:51:21: [Public] Whipsnipple: GET IN HERE
20-03-30 16:51:23: [Public] Gadra: But I have not been to see
20-03-30 16:51:30: [Public] Chaos: you're
20-03-30 16:52:03: [Public] Whipsnipple: Chaos my artistic vision has been dicked withhhh
20-03-30 16:52:05: [Public] Whipsnipple: smite himmm
20-03-30 16:53:19: [Public] Gadra: He edited the dupes I think
20-03-30 16:53:25: [Public] Gadra: And made each one unique
20-03-30 16:53:41: [Public] Gadra: What's all this though
20-03-30 16:53:46: [Public] Whipsnipple: why'd he remove the river tags
20-03-30 16:53:49: [Public] Gadra: I removed the river tag
20-03-30 16:53:51: [Public] Whipsnipple: why
20-03-30 16:53:55: [Public] Gadra: IN prep for new map and terrain system
20-03-30 16:53:58: [Public] Whipsnipple: ah
20-03-30 16:54:04: [Public] Gadra: It's swamp tag now
20-03-30 16:54:37: [Public] Gadra: Looks like he just changed a few that were repeats
20-03-30 16:54:53: [Public] Gadra: All the originals are still here in some of the rooms
20-03-30 16:55:08: [Public] Gadra: Now there's just more unique descs overall
20-03-30 16:55:23: [Public] Gadra: Did you see the mallow I put in? It has a flower in it.
20-03-30 16:55:35: [Public] Whipsnipple: Where was the vine swinging room?
20-03-30 16:55:49: [Public] Gadra: It's here
20-03-30 16:57:10: [Public] Gadra: These are all the same. There's a vine OBJECT in the room you can look at, vines are just not mentioned in the actual room desc.
20-03-30 16:57:38: [Public] Gadra: So just add a line about there being a bunch of vines and it'll be good.
20-03-30 19:46:37: [Public] Peony: Chaos
20-03-30 19:46:39: [Public] Peony: Pull request!
20-03-31 15:57:30: [Public] Peony: Hmm. I don't know why, but in this room the "you are here" highlighted effect on the map is not present.
20-03-31 15:57:55: [Public] Peony: It's probably because I made a sneaky gift shop
20-03-31 15:57:59: [Public] Peony: That only shows up when you try to leave :p
20-03-31 15:58:39: [Public] Peony: But it also doesn't work if you enter the room from the southwest/west which are all normal rooms
20-03-31 16:03:52: [Public] Gadra: The Greater Library can be a broom closet somewhere with a few pieces of parchment.
20-03-31 16:03:59: [Public] Peony: It's actually a snow globe.
20-03-31 16:15:05: [Public] Chaos: going to restart the portal. It'll drop your connection. Trying to work out Gadra's emote quest woes.
20-03-31 16:22:07: [Public] Peony: Did it work
20-03-31 16:22:11: [Public] Chaos: it did
20-03-31 16:22:16: [Public] Gadra: It did work
20-03-31 16:22:31: [Public] Chaos: there is presumably a much easier way of sorting that, however.
20-03-31 16:22:55: [Public] Gadra: Pre-goombaly
20-03-31 16:36:41: [Public] Peony: Does randmove still work? Are random = True, doing_random=True still required?
20-03-31 16:40:23: [Public] Chaos: randmove does, yeah. Though I noticed earlier that I might have to restart the tickers on some objects that have it set.
20-03-31 16:54:48: [Public] Peony: Yeah I don't think it's working on this golem
20-03-31 16:56:50: [Public] Gadra: My golems are cursed
20-03-31 16:57:02: [Public] Chaos: you can restart the tickers... one sec
20-03-31 16:57:36: [Public] Gadra: This is what happens when you kill Time.
20-03-31 16:58:07: [Public] Peony: Yeah just let me know how, I shall do
20-03-31 17:12:15: [Public] Gadra: It's aliiiive
20-03-31 17:19:37: [Public] Chaos: ok made a new command. if timers fall over, run cpr and it'll restart them :)
20-03-31 17:32:00: [Public] Peony: Love the things good changes good
20-03-31 17:33:15: [Public] Chaos: Some progress today methinks. :)
20-03-31 17:44:33: [Public] Chaos: thinking about quests...
20-03-31 17:44:52: [Public] Chaos: the script stuff is actually quite powerful.
20-03-31 17:45:31: [Public] Chaos: I could add special commands... so rather than just have 'say' and 'em', could have ('#1234', 'teleport')
20-03-31 17:45:49: [Public] Chaos: so slaping Gadra might give a message and then some time later teleport you to room #1234
20-03-31 17:46:04: [Public] Chaos: or handing in an object
20-03-31 17:47:32: [Public] Chaos: hm. could even have the delays as commands in there... ["You worry as a vortex opens before you", ('3', 'wait'), ('#1234', 'teleport')]
20-03-31 17:47:37: [Public] Chaos: HMM
20-03-31 17:56:28: [Public] Gadra: I'll slap you
20-03-31 17:56:30: [Public] Gadra: >:(
20-03-31 17:57:25: [Public] Gadra: But that all sounds very cool, make it happen
20-03-31 17:57:46: [Public] Gadra: So many cool quests could be done with that
20-03-31 17:57:55: [Public] Chaos: In progess.
20-03-31 18:01:35: [Public] Gadra: If you ever order a pizza with their pizza points to get a free one
20-03-31 18:01:38: [Public] Gadra: I swear it's always cold
20-03-31 18:01:41: [Public] Gadra: Always.
20-03-31 18:04:40: [Public] Chaos: sea will need swimming with the next black cat.
20-03-31 18:13:06: [Public] Gadra: Asphodelians have a calendar system but truly mark time in the passings of the cat.
20-03-31 18:28:14: [Public] Chaos: oops
20-03-31 18:28:22: [Public] Chaos: I sort of broke moving
20-03-31 18:28:30: [Public] Chaos: um, one sec.
20-03-31 18:34:30: [Public] Chaos: wooo
20-03-31 18:34:43: [Public] Peony: Does {target} and {me} work on quests
20-03-31 18:34:56: [Public] Chaos: Not yet, but they could.
20-03-31 18:35:02: [Public] Peony: Just seems awkward if there's multiple people in the room
20-03-31 18:35:26: [Public] Chaos: ["Gadra turns to face you, hellfire burning in his eyes.", "A vortex opens before you.", ("Uh oh", "execute"), ("#5575", "teleport")]
20-03-31 18:35:29: [Public] Peony: Yeah that would be great. then I can go back and update all the old quests w/thing
20-03-31 18:35:35: [Public] Chaos: cool cool.
20-03-31 18:35:36: [Public] Peony: Nice! Okay, I'm gonna try one
20-03-31 18:36:23: [Public] Peony: That would be a sick way to make like... some version of the Bifrost Bridge
20-03-31 18:36:35: [Public] Peony: Do different things, be teleported different places
20-03-31 18:44:14: [Public] Peony: What's the 'uh oh' 'execute' supposed to be?
20-03-31 18:44:51: [Public] Chaos: a mistake. fixed it now.
20-03-31 18:45:17: [Public] Chaos: cool. {target} and {me} works now in strings.
20-03-31 18:47:09: [Public] Chaos: and now also in execute... :)
20-03-31 18:47:14: [Public] Chaos: muahaha. This is cool.
20-03-31 18:47:26: [Public] Gadra: >_>
20-03-31 18:47:32: [Public] Gadra: Can a girl not put up her groceries in peace.
20-03-31 18:47:45: [Public] Chaos: You're special.
20-03-31 18:47:49: [Public] Gadra: Without someone slapping her and opening a portal to hell.
20-03-31 18:48:19: [Public] Gadra: Only took Instacart 6 hours this time instead of 12.
20-03-31 18:49:17: [Public] Gadra: Pretty cool.
20-03-31 18:49:20: [Public] Chaos: almost.
20-03-31 18:49:28: [Public] Gadra: Do they still get teleported if they move away?
20-03-31 18:49:38: [Public] Gadra: I'd assume so
20-03-31 18:51:14: [Public] Chaos: yes.
20-03-31 18:59:36: [Public] Chaos: Gadra now slaps you to the cave of serenity.
20-03-31 19:01:48: [Public] Gadra: Most good.
20-03-31 19:02:39: [Public] Gadra: Getting this description just right is tricksy.
20-03-31 19:10:13: [Public] Chaos: bahaha
20-03-31 19:18:08: [Public] Gadra: This room is an ode to the comma.
20-03-31 19:18:31: [Public] Gadra: My first true love.
20-03-31 19:58:45: [Public] Chaos: it's annoying like that
20-03-31 20:02:45: [Public] Chaos: Actually quite exciting these new quests...
20-03-31 20:03:00: [Public] Chaos: if I may say so myself. Looking forweard to seeing what you do with it... hah
20-03-31 20:03:12: [Public] Peony: Yeah!
20-03-31 20:04:52: [Public] Gadra: Can it use non-emote commands yet?
20-03-31 20:05:11: [Public] Gadra: Like "bury seed" or somethin
20-03-31 20:05:23: [Public] Peony: I don't think so - to trigger quest completion
20-03-31 20:06:00: [Public] Peony: l shrine
20-03-31 20:06:02: [Public] Peony: Ahem
20-03-31 20:18:15: [Public] Chaos: anyone noticed any laggyness since I upgraded the server? always felt pretty speedy to me since then.
20-03-31 20:18:21: [Public] Peony: Nope seems good
20-03-31 20:18:24: [Public] Gadra: Yeah, speedy
20-03-31 20:32:22: [Public] Chaos: might crash again. need the debug... sorry
20-03-31 20:33:07: [Public] Chaos: oooh ok...
20-03-31 20:33:11: [Public] Chaos: HMM
20-03-31 20:34:38: [Public] Chaos: I need mortals.
20-03-31 20:34:44: [Public] Chaos: Log in your mortals pls.
20-03-31 20:35:00: [Public] Gadra: Okay
20-03-31 20:35:32: [Public] Chaos: cheer
20-03-31 20:35:42: [Public] Chaos: no death crash
20-03-31 20:35:47: [Public] Gadra: Wheee
20-03-31 20:36:34: [Public] Gadra: Name the mud The Other Vale
20-03-31 20:36:48: [Public] Gadra: Sisterland
20-03-31 20:36:58: [Public] Chaos: I want to sit on the name for a while.
20-03-31 20:37:01: [Public] Gadra: You are
20-03-31 20:37:02: [Public] Chaos: I don't know.
20-03-31 20:37:04: [Public] Gadra: Impossible
20-03-31 20:37:10: [Public] Chaos: No, I am awesome.
20-03-31 20:37:15: [Public] Gadra: Incorrect
20-03-31 20:37:26: [Public] Chaos: Names are hard.
20-03-31 20:37:35: [Public] Gadra: I don't think any name is going to be 100% perfect.
20-03-31 20:37:58: [Public] Gadra: Can you at least articulate what you want this name to embody and evoke >_>
20-03-31 20:38:09: [Public] Gadra: Other than heartburn
20-03-31 20:38:31: [Public] Chaos: What we know: This is an island system in the middle of the sea. Tol eressea is the starter island. The mainland is build around a volcano.
20-03-31 20:38:42: [Public] Chaos: Nenmor.
20-03-31 20:39:08: [Public] Chaos: so, all the islands that might exist are volcanic. Black sand beaches. Yadda. We know all this.
20-03-31 20:39:38: [Public] Chaos: History: Avalon (the continent) exists in this world but this is not avalon.
20-03-31 20:40:22: [Public] Chaos: Maybe this is the isles of... avalon. heh.
20-03-31 20:40:37: [Public] Gadra: Could you sail from here to Avalon without divine intervention? Like is Avalon actually physically across the sea or are they like two bubble realms pressed close to one another and the refuges were allowed in because of Achlys's divine intervention
20-03-31 20:40:43: [Public] Gadra: I always imagined it at the second case.
20-03-31 20:41:30: [Public] Gadra: Because in Avalon you're essentially in a snow globe
20-03-31 20:41:47: [Public] Gadra: The world is flat and the sea falls off the edge of the world and the sky is a crystal globe that hold back the void
20-03-31 20:43:27: [Public] Gadra: If it's the second case, you could have a really evocative name mud name like Beyond the Doors of Night or Beyond the Darkling Sea or Across the Sea of Stars or something like that.
20-03-31 20:46:51: [Public] Chaos: I would say, bubble realms.
20-03-31 20:47:28: [Public] Chaos: You cannot get from here to avalon. But they are part of the same universe and have some shared history
20-03-31 20:47:31: [Public] Gadra: The Great Migration?
20-03-31 20:47:37: [Public] Gadra D
20-03-31 20:47:42: [Public] Gadra test test.
20-03-31 20:47:47: [Public] Gadra: Oh, emotes.
20-03-31 20:49:10: [Public] Gadra: The Summerland(s) was a good one imo.
20-03-31 20:53:45: [Public] Chaos: Needs to be memorable.
20-03-31 20:53:56: [Public] Chaos: that's my problem with asphodel.
20-03-31 20:54:05: [Public] Gadra: Avalon was not memorable >_>
20-03-31 20:54:18: [Public] Gadra: The name is very plain actually
20-03-31 20:54:39: [Public] Gadra: It's memorable beacause of the game depth
20-03-31 20:55:51: [Public] Gadra: Isle of Fire. Tempered Isles. Isle of Serenity.
20-03-31 20:56:22: [Public] Gadra: Fire Island: The Remix
20-03-31 20:56:25: [Public] Peony: I like Asphodel. It's pretty memorable to me
20-03-31 20:57:00: [Public] Peony: Or you can just call it The Isles
20-03-31 20:57:19: [Public] Peony: The Isles. You can find bread in Isle the First.
20-03-31 20:57:44: [Public] Gadra: The Other Realm. The Sister Isle. Something like that. Vague avalon reference. People will be like "well what is the first realm then."
20-03-31 20:57:49: [Public] Chaos: I like avalon because... it's 6 letters.
20-03-31 20:57:54: [Public] Gadra: ...
20-03-31 20:58:02: [Public] Gadra: Remove his aura and I'll zap him
20-03-31 20:58:13: [Public] Chaos: and well. It's been 25 years.
20-03-31 20:58:20: [Public] Chaos: so it's hard to let go.
20-03-31 20:58:29: [Public] Peony: C'mon. In another short twenty five years it'll have been... twenty five years for this one.
20-03-31 20:58:30: [Public] Gadra: Well it's never going to be Avalon unless it's Avalon.
20-03-31 20:58:37: [Public] Peony: Asfoodle.
20-03-31 20:59:14: [Public] Gadra: And it can't be Avalon.
20-03-31 20:59:18: [Public] Gadra: Because it's not Avalon. >:(
20-04-01 16:31:44: [Public] Peony: I think prefix should let you have a space after it.
20-04-01 17:51:59: [Public] Gadra: Buh
20-04-01 20:30:48: [Public] Chaos: Current combat code is ridiculously unfinished. That'll be next. Probably work on it in the next few days. I think there's enough quest stuff there to make things relatively interesting for now :P)
20-04-01 20:34:08: [Public] Gadra: >_>
20-04-01 20:34:10: [Public] Gadra: For now
20-04-01 20:34:16: [Public] Gadra: Although...
20-04-01 20:34:24: [Public] Gadra: Well.
20-04-01 20:47:07: [Public] Peony: Oh did you get my PR, Chaos?
20-04-01 21:03:03: [Public] Chaos: random_perm ticker fires every 60 seconds by default. Would be pretty easy to override it though in the cpr command so it reads from a random_perm_delay db field or something (and defualts to 60).
20-04-01 21:03:32: [Public] Chaos: would need to kill the old timer though and run cpr to resuscitate it... :D
20-04-02 11:01:30: [Public] Chaos: all ok?
20-04-02 11:02:29: [Public] Gadra: I mean
20-04-02 11:02:56: [Public] Gadra: In the grand scheme of things.I sent you some messages on discord.
20-04-02 13:03:44: [Public] Chaos: 'fall sunset'
20-04-02 13:03:53: [Public] Chaos: fall.
20-04-02 13:03:57: [Public] Chaos: FALL.
20-04-02 13:26:02: [Public] Chaos: guess the wrap takes the indent into account. Meh. whatever.
20-04-02 13:26:12: [Public] Chaos: Oh actually I suppose that's correct
20-04-02 13:52:37: [Public] Gadra: Most good.
20-04-02 14:02:48: [Public] Gadra: Is letting clients handle wrapping yet also indenting lines incompatible ideas?
20-04-02 14:55:03: [Public] Chaos: Not incompatible - you can set your client to indent wordrapped lines too if you like. However... I tend to unset all wordwrapping server side and let my client do everything.
20-04-02 14:55:15: [Public] Chaos: so on avalon I always just set WIDTH 1000
20-04-02 22:51:05: [Public] Peony: Wait, are we Vasamar?
20-04-03 19:33:55: [Public] Gadra: egh
20-04-06 21:42:55: [Public] Senki: Hello, lovelies!
20-04-06 21:46:25: [Public] Senki: If you see a location with an "up" direction, that would generally mean to climb, yes? As if there is a ladder or a vine?
20-04-07 16:44:09: [Public] Peony: Check out pull requesttt
20-04-14 23:05:38: [Public] Senki: Hello lovelies!
20-04-14 23:05:50: [Public] Chaos: Hey Senki
20-04-14 23:07:52: [Public] Senki: What level of "hunger" when you examine self is "near death" and what is "satiated"? It's at 11 for me now, and I've seen it at 150 too
20-04-14 23:08:08: [Public] Chaos: hmm
20-04-14 23:08:20: [Public] Chaos: let me look at the code. I can't remember.
20-04-14 23:08:43: [Public] Chaos: I'll discord you it
20-04-14 23:09:15: [Public] Senki: Thank you!
20-04-14 23:11:28: [Public] Senki: Oh damn.. I'm about to be starving to death... So... Here's another thing. I eat pears and I don't change my hunger variable
20-07-31 11:45:49: [Public] Astraea: I forget how to do anything
20-07-31 11:46:06: [Public] Chaos: hah, me too.. hmm
20-07-31 11:46:20: [Public] Astraea: Mwahaha. We can relearn together
20-07-31 11:46:36: [Public] Astraea: But hey, I have majestic lions here now
20-07-31 11:46:47: [Public] Chaos: good thing you did some help files, really!
20-07-31 11:47:50: [Public] Astraea: Hehe, I knew I would need them later on. We were already stacking up a collection of commands.
20-07-31 11:50:01: [Public] Astraea: Grr. Apparently I can't get lions. I thought Gods could get anything
20-07-31 12:40:27: [Public] Astraea: I see there are freshwater and river tags... are those what cause swimming to be necessary? Also gods shouldn't need to swim, heh
20-07-31 12:45:34: [Public] Astraea: I broke myself
20-07-31 12:46:03: [Public] Chaos: what did you do?
20-07-31 12:46:21: [Public] Astraea: Couldn't perform move ('at_after_move'). Contact an admin. ('NoneType' object has no attribute 'notify')
20-07-31 12:46:41: [Public] Astraea: I tried to go east from location #7235
20-07-31 12:47:00: [Public] Astraea: I can teleport around and stuff but I can't *see* that I'm moving
20-07-31 12:47:20: [Public] Astraea: Like if I go somewhere I don't see the room name/descrip show up
20-07-31 12:48:14: [Public] Chaos: oo
20-07-31 12:48:43: [Public] Chaos: try now?
20-07-31 12:48:53: [Public] Astraea: Fixed
20-07-31 12:49:00: [Public] Chaos: heh, imp bug.
20-07-31 12:49:09: [Public] Astraea: Aha hehe
20-07-31 12:50:28: [Public] Astraea: Fun reading descriptions I wrote and not remembering them
20-07-31 12:53:44: [Public] Astraea: Did I make chicken coops or did someone else? Are eggs working? There's an egg. And an adorable chick.
20-07-31 12:53:51: [Public] Astraea: And the adorable chick is not me
20-07-31 12:54:17: [Public] Chaos: I think you made them... and thump.
20-07-31 12:54:23: [Public] Astraea: beam
20-07-31 12:56:26: [Public] Astraea: Aw. I forgot about on enter messages. Those are so nice.
20-07-31 13:05:33: [Public] Astraea: Are trees over-fruiting or fruits not decaying? This tree has 411 apples... plus 195 on the ground. Seems excessive
20-07-31 13:06:05: [Public] Astraea: At location #261 for reference since I'm not holding still
20-07-31 14:03:57: [Public] Chaos: I was tweaking those as they were suuuper over prodicing
20-07-31 14:04:17: [Public] Astraea: Aha
20-07-31 14:04:36: [Public] Chaos: I think I might have broken decay though, or not restarted it or something. There shouldn't be that many on the ground, anyway.
20-07-31 14:07:23: [Public] Astraea: I need to sleep. I can't find my most up to date description file... hoping it's on my other laptop and not on my desktop back in the US
20-07-31 14:07:45: [Public] Chaos: erk
20-07-31 14:08:09: [Public] Chaos: I'll probably be around over the weekend a bit trying to work out wtf I was doing last time.
20-07-31 14:09:35: [Public] Astraea: Okies. I should be around until at least your Sunday
20-07-31 20:08:12: [Public] Senki: I remember how to talk, at least
20-07-31 20:54:10: [Public] Astraea: Hi Senki!
20-07-31 20:55:26: [Public] Senki: Hey Astraea
20-07-31 20:55:38: [Public] Senki: Gosh your name is complex with the A's and E's
20-07-31 20:56:31: [Public] Astraea: Hahah, yeah... I probably could've done without one of the extra a's
20-07-31 20:57:04: [Public] Senki: I like it, as a whole, it's only typing it that gives me difficulty
20-07-31 21:01:36: [Public] Astraea: Grin. I haven't tested if short names work for tells but hopefully no one will have to be typing the whole thing out often
20-08-01 22:54:25: [Public] Senki: Astraea, did you change my permissions?
20-08-01 22:54:41: [Public] Senki: I'm no longer able to write or change locations
20-08-01 23:29:53: [Public] Senki: No, still don't have the rights
20-08-01 23:30:36: [Public] Astraea: Drat... hmm. It wasn't me who changed your privs, not sure who would've
20-08-01 23:31:15: [Public] Senki: I'm grateful to know it wasn't you, thank you lovely. I'll wait for Chaos
20-08-01 23:31:34: [Public] Senki: Thank you for trying to help!
20-08-01 23:32:31: [Public] Astraea: So strange. Trying to set permissions on your account and it says permission 'builder' is already defined on Senki
20-08-01 23:32:46: [Public] Senki: Then it's likely more that the Builders permission has changed
20-08-01 23:32:57: [Public] Senki: Like the things Builders themselves are allowed to do
20-08-01 23:33:06: [Public] Astraea: Ah, maybe
20-08-01 23:33:48: [Public] Senki O
20-08-01 23:34:15: [Public] Senki: I don't think I want admin. I'm scared I'll do something by mistake
20-08-01 23:34:21: [Public] Senki: XD
20-08-01 23:34:44: [Public] Astraea: Grin, Rose and Gadra have admin privs on their accounts
20-08-01 23:35:12: [Public] Astraea: If it works I'll leave it for now and Chaos can sort it later so at least you're not stuck in the mud
20-08-01 23:35:30: [Public] Senki: Yeah.. but that's coz they were working on codes. Lysaer is pretty restrictive with who he gives admin to
20-08-01 23:35:51: [Public] Senki: No worries! Whatever had been done can be undone
20-08-01 23:36:31: [Public] Senki: I can rename rooms now though
20-08-01 23:36:38: [Public] Astraea: Yay!
20-08-01 23:38:28: [Public] Senki: And I can change descriptions too, so thank you for that help. I'll stick to writing for now, I really don't want to accidentally do anything that breaks the realm
20-08-01 23:41:52: [Public] Astraea: That should be fine. I certainly don't know quite what everything does myself but I haven't managed to do anything that's fully broken the place, so there must be at least half way decent validation checks. You can't modify back end code with admin privs alone anyway so you should be fine.
20-08-02 00:04:16: [Public] Senki: Thank you again for your help! I at least managed one room description. It's 2am now so I'll be heading to bed
20-08-02 00:04:53: [Public] Astraea: Hehe, that's more than I've done today! Sweet dreams!
20-08-07 01:59:36: [Public] Astraea: You're idle, but hello anyway! Nice to see another face here!
20-08-07 04:50:09: [Public] Peony: Hi Astraea!
20-08-07 05:13:04: [Public] Astraea: Oops, my turn to not be paying attention apparently!
20-08-07 05:13:20: [Public] Peony: No worries. I'm just strolling around old areas for now trying to remember what I was doing.
20-08-07 05:13:32: [Public] Astraea: Yeah... I know that feeling well haha
20-08-07 09:44:24: [Public] Astraea: Hiiiii chaooooos
20-08-07 09:44:53: [Public] Chaos: hey hey! thought everyone was idle... :P
20-08-07 09:45:24: [Public] Astraea: Chaos, what's your realm? You had the other version of you that was bloody but are you just... void? Chaos? Magic? Creation? Time? A little bit of everything?
20-08-07 09:45:39: [Public] Astraea: I'm half here. I'm actually trying to teach myself Python because #nerd
20-08-07 09:46:19: [Public] Chaos: hm, probably a bit of everything I guess. I made the world and all things in it from void stuff. Which is nothing.
20-08-07 09:46:38: [Public] Chaos: god of nothing.
20-08-07 09:46:38: [Public] Astraea: And what was Gadra? Peony looks like she should be nature or something like that.
20-08-07 09:46:49: [Public] Chaos: Nature would suit Gadra.
20-08-07 09:47:00: [Public] Astraea: Okay.
20-08-07 09:47:17: [Public] Chaos: Actually that's true for Peony too... maybe that can be split between them
20-08-07 09:47:35: [Public] Astraea: And Senki? She was also very uh... foresty
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