Channels (Channel 'gw' (This is a grapevine channel))

This is a grapevine channel

20-04-14 11:16:05: [gw] Chaos: hello!
20-04-14 11:20:16: [gw] Chaos: does this work?
20-04-14 11:21:32: [gw] Chaos: testing
20-04-14 11:27:23: [gw] Chaos: test
20-04-14 11:33:44: [gw] Chaos: testing
20-04-14 11:36:06: [gw] Chaos: test!
20-04-14 11:36:43: [gw] grapewinebot-gw-gossip: Schism@ChatMUD: avalon?
20-04-14 11:37:48: [gw] grapewinebot-gw-gossip: Drenon@ChatMUD: hello from the other side
20-04-14 11:38:21: [gw] grapewinebot-gw-gossip: Kisaki@Sindome: More humans, More fun!
20-04-14 11:39:07: [gw] Chaos: Hey! Think i've screwed up linking this a little bit (I seem to be echoing everything on gossip to testing), but neat that it seems to be working.
20-04-14 11:48:02: [gw] Chaos: ah, there we go. Hi Grapevine :)
20-04-14 11:48:10: [gw] grapewinebot-gw-gossip: Dhruv@ChatMUD: Hello!
20-04-14 11:48:20: [gw] grapewinebot-gw-gossip: Adriane@Sindome: Hola.
20-04-14 11:49:16: [gw] grapewinebot-gw-gossip: Drenon@ChatMUD: greetings
20-04-14 11:52:44: [gw] grapewinebot-gw-gossip: Something_Wicked@Sindome: I have forgotten what a normal sleep schedule is supposed to look like.
20-04-14 11:54:54: [gw] grapewinebot-gw-gossip: Adriane@Sindome: Sounds about right.
20-08-05 15:40:52: [gw] grapewinebot-gw-gossip: Sorressean@SecretVache: Sorressean oinks like a piggy!
20-08-05 15:41:48: [gw] grapewinebot-gw-gossip: Enker@EF: Hmm, an early morning on the farm, eh?
20-08-05 15:42:10: [gw] grapewinebot-gw-gossip: Sorressean@SecretVache: Old McDonald had a secret cow
20-08-05 15:53:15: [gw] grapewinebot-gw-gossip: Enker@EF: A SECRET COW. Old McDonald's got some serious shit going on if he has to keep a cow hidden. Must be fighting a war or something.
20-08-05 15:53:38: [gw] grapewinebot-gw-gossip: Sorressean@SecretVache: It's a secret soviet cow from Russia!
20-08-05 16:01:28: [gw] grapewinebot-gw-gossip: Enker@EF: Ah HAH, a cow branded with ye olde hammer and sickle. Scandalous.
20-08-05 16:01:49: [gw] grapewinebot-gw-gossip: Sorressean@SecretVache: Sorressean nods.
20-08-06 04:22:21: [gw] grapewinebot-gw-gossip: SwiftAusterity@hmrmud: moo
20-08-06 04:22:44: [gw] grapewinebot-gw-gossip: Majere_Draven@Sindome: No Mud, We're a Moo.
20-08-06 04:23:13: [gw] grapewinebot-gw-gossip: SwiftAusterity@hmrmud: this is a tiled roguelike, but we have cows that moo
20-08-06 04:24:08: [gw] grapewinebot-gw-gossip: Majere_Draven@Sindome: So it's a rogue like, like a Dungeon, with like.. multiple users?
20-08-06 04:34:29: [gw] grapewinebot-gw-gossip: Enker@EF: Ponder, Moos
20-08-07 18:21:13: [gw] grapewinebot-gw-gossip: Kilian@SecretVache: Kilian oinks like a piggy!